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Economics Faculty M.Sc. Economics (TERI University, New Delhi), Ph.D. (IIM Bangalore)
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Prof Kartik Yadav is a faculty member in the area of Economics and Social Sciences at IIM Nagpur. He has completed his Ph.D. in Economics and Social Sciences from IIM Bangalore. He has done his M.Sc. in Economics with a specialization in Environment and Resource Economics from TERI University, New Delhi. Prior to this, Prof Yadav was an Assistant Professor at Jindal Global Law School, OP Jindal Global University. He has also worked with the India Development Foundation as a Research Associate.

His research interests lie in the areas of Development Economics, Micro-econometrics and International Business.


  • Tokas, K., & Yadav, K. (2020). Foreign Ownership and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Case of an Emerging Market. Global Business Review.
  • Rajan, Irudaya S and Yadav, Kartik (2019) Characteristics and Development Impact of Temporary Migration: The Case of India, Temporary Migration, Transformation and Development: Evidence from Europe and Asia, Routledge Publications
  • Rajan, Irudaya S and Yadav, Kartik (2018) Concerns about Temporary Migration: Policymaker’s Perspective, India Migration Report 2017: Forced Migration, Routledge India

Conference Presentations

  • 45th Annual EIBA Conference, University of Leeds, United Kingdom - December 2019
  • 12th Annual ISDSI Conference, organised by SP Jain Institute of Management Research, Mumbai- December 2018.
  • PhD Consortium 2018 at SJMSOM Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India - February 2018.
  • 5th Biennial Conference of the Indian Academy of Management at Indian Institute of Management, Indore, December 2017.
  • Conversations on Research (CoRe): IGIDR PhD. Colloquium 2017 at IGIDR, Mumbai, November 2017.
  • Fourth SITES-IDEAs Annual Conference on Development Topics at University of Roma Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy, Sep 2017.
  • Transnational Migration in Transition: Transformative Characteristics of Temporary Mobility (EURA-NET)- Beijing Normal University, China, August 2016.


  • International Growth Centre Summer School (directed by London School of Economics and University of Oxford) held at Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi, July 2016
  • ‘Future of Education: The Schools of the Future’ organized by Future Agenda, U.K. at National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore- July 2015

Working Papers

  • Does the Early Bird Get the Worm? Examining the Impact of School Entry Age on Academic Performance (with Arnab Mukherji)

Graduate Teaching: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics

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