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Sayantee Jana

Sayantee Jana
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Decision science and information systems Faculty PhD (McMaster University), M.Sc. (McMaster University), M.Sc. (University of Calcutta), B.Sc. (St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta)
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Prof. Sayantee Jana is an Assistant Professor in IIM Nagpur in the Decision Sciences area. Her teaching and research interests include Data mining, text mining, spatio-temporal modelling and multivariate analysis.

She did her PhD from McMaster University and was a recipient of the prestigious International Excellence Award and the F.R. Britton scholarship. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto. She is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship (2019) to conduct research at the University of Toronto and also the IBS-ISI (International Biometric Society and International Statistical Institute) Young Ambassador to the World Statistics Congress. She has presented papers in several international academic conferences.

  • Jana S., Balakrishnan N. and Hamid J. (2018). “Estimation of the parameters of the Extended Growth Curve Model under Multivariate Skew Normal distribution". Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 166, 111-128. doi:10.1016/j.jmva.2018.02.008
  • Jana S., Balakrishnan N. and Hamid J. (2018). “Bayesian Growth Curve Model useful for high-dimensional longitudinal data". Journal of Applied Statistics. 1-21. doi:10.1080/02664763.2018.1517145
  • Jana S., Balakrishnan N. and Hamid J. (2018). “Inference in the Growth Curve Model under Multivariate Skew Normal distribution". Sankhyā: The Indian Journal of Statistics, Series B. 1-36, doi: 10.1007/s13571-018-0174-1
  • Jana, S., Balakrishnan, N., von Rosen, D., & Hamid, J. S. (2017). High dimensional extension of the growth curve model and its application in genetics. Statistical Methods & Applications, 26(2), 273-292, doi: 10.1007/s10260-016-0369-4
  • Mollayeva, T., Sutton, M., Chan, V., Colantonio, A., Jana, S., & Escobar, M. (2019). Data mining to understand health status preceding traumatic brain injury. Scientific reports, 9(1), 5574.
  • Babu, GR., Sathyanarayana, T., Jana, S., et al. (2012). Role of catch-up campaigns in improving immunization services in a developing country. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health, 5(5), 441. doi:10.4103/1755-6783.105127
  • Babu, GR., Olsen, J., Jana, S., et al. (2011). Evaluation of Immunization Services in high-risk district in India. International Journal of Medicine and Public Health, 1(3), 17–21. doi:10.5530/ijmedph.3.2011.4
  • Babu, GR, Olsen, J., Jana, S., et. al (2011). Evaluation Of Immunization Cards And Parental Recall Against Gold Standard For Evaluating Immunization Coverage. The Internet Journal of Epidemiology, 1–7.
  • Babu, G., Singh, V., Nandy, S., Jana, S., & TN, S. (2011). Supportive Supervision and Immunization Coverage: Evidence from India. The Internet Journal of Epidemiology, 9(2).

Working Papers

  • Jana, S., Sutton, M., Chan, V., Mollayeva, T., Colantonio, A., & Escobar, MD. Application of multiple testing procedures for assessing multiple comorbidities in large health-administrative data. Under preparation.
  • Bandyopadhyay, S., Jana, S., Sen Roy, S., & Ganguli, B. Analysis of variance for curves in presence of subject specific effect modification. Submitted.

Research Interest
Sentiment analysis, renewable energy, pollution, climate change, mortality in India

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