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Vishal Arghode
Vishal Arghode
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Organisational behaviour and human resource management Faculty Ph.D. (Texas A&M University, College Station, USA)
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Prof. Vishal Arghode is a faculty member in the Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management area at IIM Nagpur. Before joining IIM Nagpur, he was a faculty member at Organizational Learning and Leadership Doctoral program at Gannon University, Pennsylvania, for six years, where he served as a chair and committee member in doctoral committees besides teaching and researching in Organizational Studies, Human Resources, and allied areas. Dr. Arghode has published in reputed peer-reviewed journals and has presented at leading international conferences. He is also a two-time recipient of the Emerald Literati Award for Highly Commendable papers in 2018 and 2021. His research interests include change leadership, organizational culture and performance management, and emerging issues in organizations.


  1. Over eleven years of experience teaching, training, and researching Organizational Studies, Leadership, and Management topics in Ph.D. and Master’s programs.
    1. Extensive experience developing interactive Online courses in Blackboard and Moodle utilizing synchronous and asynchronous environments.
    2. Instructed, Doctoral and Master’s students in Organizational Studies, Management studies, Public Administration, Leadership, and Research Methods topics receiving excellent reviews and student feedback.
  2. Published 21 journal articles, 15 conference presentations, two book chapters, and two book review articles in Organizational Studies, Leadership, Human Resource Development, and Research Methods.
  3. Advised 20 doctoral students as a dissertation committee chair and member.
  4. Mentored and encouraged doctoral advisees to submit their research for publication and co-authored eleven journal articles with my Ph.D. students.
  5. Two-time recipient of Emerald Literati Award for highly commendable papers in 2018 and 2021.

Selected Publications

*Co-authored with Ph.D. students
Refereed Journals
1. *Johnson, S. & Arghode, V. (in press). Pre-service teachers’ perceptions of poverty: A phenomenological approach. Performance Improvement Quarterly.

2. Arghode, V., Nafukho, F. M., & Boulder, T. (2022). Higher education institutions as learning organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Human Resource Development International, 1-9. doi:10.1080/13678868.2022.2121018

3. *Justus, K., Arghode, V., & Barker, D. (2022). Principal self-efficacy, mindset, and performance outcomes: Exploring the connection. European Journal of Training and Development.

4. Arghode, V., Lathan, A., Alagaraja, M., Rajaram, K., & McLean, G. N. (2022). Empathic organizational culture and leadership: conceptualizing the framework. European Journal of Training and Development, 46(1/2), 239-256.

5. *Silbaugh, M. W., Barker, D. B., & Arghode, V. (2021). Emotional labor, emotional intelligence, and burnout among school principals: Testing a mediational model., Leadership and Policy in Schools,1-14. doi:10.1080/15700763.2021.1904511

6. *Kownacki, A., Barker, D., & Arghode, V. (2020): A grounded theory approach for exploring shared leadership: Evidence from urban primary schools in Pennsylvania. International Journal of Leadership in Education, doi: 10.1080/13603124.2020.1804622

7. *Costello, J. E. & Arghode, V. (2019). Exploring member readiness for change in manufacturing industries using phenomenology. Management Research Review, 43(7), 847-861.doi:10.1108/MRR-05-2019-0214

Refereed Conference Proceedings
1. *Harvey, J. & Arghode, V. (2020). Personality Assessment Feedback on High-Potential Leaders: A Phenomenological Study. Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Vancouver, CA

2. *Gerow, L., Arghode, V., & Barker, D. (2020). Attitudinal Differences between Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. INDAM-2020 at IIM Tiruchirappalli. Tiruchirapalli, TN.

3. Arghode, V., Jandu, N., & McLean, G. M. (2019). Organizational Change: Finding parallels between Organizations and Organisms. In Minnis S. & Johnson, K. R. (Eds.), at Academy of Human Resource Development International Research Conference in the Americas. Louisville, KY.

Conference Presentations
1. Arghode, V., & Gandhi, L. (2019). Emotional Intelligence and Intercultural Competence: Exploring the Connection. Poster presentation at Academy of Human Resource Development International Research Conference in the Americas. Louisville, KY.

2. Arghode, V., & Jandu, N. (2018). Organizational Change: Finding parallels between Organizations and Organisms. Poster presentation at Academy of Human Resource Development International Research Conference in the Americas. Richmond, VA.

Book Chapters
1. *Darville, J. & Arghode, V. (in press). People Analytics, Talent Management, and Leadership Development in the USA and UAE. Industry 4.0 and people analytics: A technical Perspective of HRM. Apple Academic Press.

2. Alagaraja, M., Anne, M., Cumberland, D., & Arghode, V. (2018). Women in corporate India. In R. Ghosh & G. McLean (Eds.), Indian Women in Leadership (pp. xxx).  Gurgaon, India: Palgrave Macmillan.


Doctoral level courses
1. GOLL 801 - Advanced organizational theory
2. GOLL 812 - Organization structure and analysis
3. GOLL 814 - Leading organizational culture and change
4. GOLL 815 - Quality management and organizational learning
5. GOLL 816 - Developing leadership capacity
6. GOLL 817 - Global perspectives on learning and leadership
7. GOLL 823 - Research methods III
Graduate level courses
1. Managerial leadership in global context (IIM Nagpur-Elective)
2. MO- Managing organizations (IIM Nagpur-Core)
3. GMBA 631 – Organizational culture, creativity and change
4. GMBA 686 - Leadership and business ethics
5. GMPA 799 - Research in public administration
6. GEDU 637 - Learning theory
7. GMPA 531- Administrative law and ethics
8. GMBA 754 - International marketing
9. GMBA 774- Strategic management
10. GMPA 502 - Elements of public administration
11. GMPA 531 Administrative law and ethics

Dissertation Advising

Doctoral Guidance as Chair

S. No. Scholar Year Research Topic
1. Jeffrey Darville 2017 Working Together: Decision-Making Style and Conflict in Administrative Leadership and Work Teams
2. Sandra Lipchik 2018 A Phenomenological Study: Dualistic Model of Passion and the Nurse’s Perception of Value Congruence
3. Susan Johnson 2018 A Phenomenological Study of Pre-Service Teacher Perceptions of Children In Poverty and Families that are Poor
4. Jayne Costello 2018 The Relationship Between Process Change, Organizational Climate Adaptation and Member Readiness for Change in the Manufacturing Industry
5. Laura Gerow 2018 An Exploration of Attitudinal Differences Between Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y
6. Tabitha Carna 2019 Exploring Perceptions of School Weekend Feeding Program in an Urban School Setting
7. Brad Kovaleski 2019 A Qualitative Study Exploring University Employee Perceptions of Engagement
8. James Harvey 2019 A Phenomenological Study of the Effect of Personality Assessment Feedback on High-Potential Leaders

 Doctoral Guidance as Committee Member

S. No. Scholar Year Research Topic
1. Dawn Joy 2017 Exploring the Relationships among Leader Personality, Leader Social Intelligence and Follower Distress
2. Karen Staab 2016 Authentic Leaders: Differences in Character Strengths They Possess
3. Kristen Silbaugh 2016 An Exploration of the Relationship Between Principal Self-Efficacy, Mindset, & Performance Outcomes
4. Susan Gizzie 2015 A phenomenological Study: Elementary Teacher’s Perceptions for School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support in a Rural Pennsylvania School
5. Marie Ann Desarro 2015 A Descriptive Study of The Home Literacy Practices of Elementary Aged Children
6. Ann Filmore 2015 Psychological Safety and Performance Pay in Education
7. Ann Lathan 2018 Widening the achievement gap:  when a long-term state budget impasse affects vulnerable students’ performance scores in an urban district versus suburban district
8. John Coyne 2018 An examination of the factor structure and criterion-related validity of the Positive practice instrument
9. Mike Silbaugh 2018 Examining the linkages between emotional labor, emotional intelligence, and burnout among school principals
10. Angela Kownacki 2018 The Impact of State and Federal Mandates on Shared Leadership - Perceptions from Principals and Teachers in Higher and Lower Performing Urban Elementary Schools
11. Lori Hamblin 2019 Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Invisible Labor of Faculty
12. Chad Ellsworth 2020 Organizational knowledge, preparedness, responses, and adaptations to water sustainability

Trained educators, industry professionals, managers, and administrators on leadership, organizational learning, culture, and change management. Some selected assignments are listed below:

1. Training instructor and Associate at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning- 2014-2019 at Gannon University, trained University administrators and educators on instructional design and course design and delivery

2. Delivered training sessions at Powergrid Nagpur on Managerial Effectiveness, Communication & Decision Making: Innovation and Creativity using Design Thinking held on August 27th, 2019

3. Training session on OB & HR for New Ventures for budding women entrepreneurs held on, 20th February 2021

4. Training session on Planning Human Capital for budding women entrepreneurs held on, 21st April 2021

5. Designed and delivered a session on  ATAL FDP organized by Government Engineering College, Bilaspur on Organisational Effectiveness and Organisational Learning in Higher Education Institutions held on, 26th August 2021

6. Designed and delivered sessions on  Conflict Management, Negotiation, and Organizational Communication organized by IOCL Gurgaon held on, 1-2 August 2022


IIM Nagpur

  1. Field Immersion Module Chair since 23rd April, 2020
  2. Center for Entrepreneurship Committee Member since 28th August, 2019
  3. Gender Issues Committee, Committee Member since 24th July, 2020
  4. Indo Japan Research Center Committee Member since 09th April, 2021
  5. Admissions PI Panel member since April 2020

Gannon University, Pennsylvania, USA

  1. Associate at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 2014-2019
  2. Global subcommittee member at Gannon University 2017-2019
  3. University Compensation Committee member 2018-2019
  4. Faculty selection committee member at Gannon University 2013-2014
  5. Faculty Research Committee member 2014-2017
  6. Faculty Development Committee member 2017-2019
  7. The Barker Institute Global Engagement Grant committee member 2016-2019