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InFED Chairperson’s Message

IIM Nagpur envisions itself as a contemporary and socially relevant management institution that contributes to nation building. In today’s context, our nation and our society need more innovators, risk takers and job creators in order to create greater economic and social opportunities for all of us. In other words, we need more and more entrepreneurs. However, entrepreneurs are neither created nor do they succeed in the vacuum. They need the support of an enabling ecosystem and institutions that support and guide them when necessary, and be partners in their long, challenging, and often frustrating journey. We at IIM Nagpur through InFED do that for our budding entrepreneurs.

InFED works with all important stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, knowledge partners, domain experts, industry and the government to create an enabling ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs. It works as a platform for all these stakeholders while being focused on our three core activities, i.e. Incubation, Research & Education, and Services. At present, we have two major categories of programmes i.e. the Women Startup Programme (WSP) and the Entrepreneurship Facilitative Activities (EFA) for PGP students. Very soon, we are going to scale up our activities and programmes. In near future, we intended to incubate more budding entrepreneurs. We are going to strengthen and formalise our EFAs so that even with the constraints of our formal education, we create more job givers rather than job seekers. Also, we are in process of strengthening our services such as training, consultancy, and expert access programmes in addition to our activities of knowledge creation and dissemination. I am hopeful that with such programmes, InFED becomes an enabling platform for all potential entrepreneurs and supporting stakeholders.

In order to succeed we need support from all. If you are a domain expert, a knowledge partner, a successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist, teacher, researcher or anyone who believes in the nobility of entrepreneurship then I request you to get involved with InFED and be part of our journey. We welcome all entrepreneurs, especially from Maharashtra and central India, and all stakeholders from India as well as abroad to be associated with InFED. We believe, together we can create a shared future from where we can look back and be proud of what we have done.

Prof. Saroj Kumar Pani
Chairperson, Center for Entrepreneurship, IIM Nagpur