Voice of SAC President

Voice of SAC President


As a SAC president, I act as an interface between the students, the faculty and the administration here at IIMN. The Student Affairs Council (SAC) involves empowering and representing the diverse students’ community of IIMN.

The institute bestows a few responsibilities on the SAC president. These include welfare, public relations, planning students’ activities, reviewing and evaluating policies, leading student affairs in terms of the vision and mission of the institute.

The IIMN students’ community has fared pretty well in representing the institution at various national and international contests. These achievements prove that we completely stand by the institute’s vision. As someone who is responsible and approachable, I believe it is my duty to promote and encourage constructive debates and actions best not only for the current students but for all the batches to come.

K Radha Krishna Varma,
President, Students Affairs Council, IIM Nagpur