Message from Chairman CLIP

/Message from Chairman CLIP
Dr Bhimaraya Metri

Dr. Bhimaraya Metri

Chairman, CLIP

Message from Chairman’s CLIP

Logistics and Infrastructure are two very important sectors in keeping the economy running. In the context of a developing nation like India, developing these is very important. To develop these two sectors efficiently, we need sound project management practices in place. Council for Logistics, Infrastructure and Project Management (CLIP) is established to contribute to nation building in these vital sectors. The council is committed to increase the value delivered by the businesses by proposing ways to improve the efficiency in logistics and in identifying infrastructure needed, and also achieving these with wise project management practices. The council would achieve this by research, trainings & seminars, consulting and auditing practices.

Nagpur being the centre of the nation and logistic capital of India, and it being connected by all modes of transport, brings many advantages as a trip to Nagpur can be completed within a day. IIM Nagpur’s presence in a SEZ brings advantages in terms of collaboration with various industries and thus improve the pace of knowledge generation and dissemination. We aim to be the repository of knowledge in the area of project management with a conscious bias towards Logistics and Infrastructure sectors.

‘Efficient delivery of value’ is way forward for any industry. This is a continuous journey and in realising better efficiencies, we need to be equipped with relevant know-how. CLIP would be the torch bearer and would like to engage with organisations who see value in this journey.

CLIP would work in all subdomains of these three areas like humanitarian logistics, electrical mobility etc and on the integration among these using Industry 4.0 and IOT.