Message from Chairperson CCDA

/Message from Chairperson CCDA

Prof. Kapil Kaushik

Chairperson, CCDA

Message from Chairperson’s CCDA

The Centre for Cybersecurity and Data Analytics (CCDA) at IIM Nagpur is one of the unique centres actively involved in exploring the possibilities and immense opportunities that exist with data for improving Cybersecurity management and decision making. We are a group of diverse professionals from industry, academia, and students actively engaged in solving dilemmas related to business decisions and cyber security with the help of data and analytics.

We are driven by the philosophy of knowing the ignorance as rightly said by Confucius, “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” At CCDA, we utilize data science tools and techniques to identify non-obvious flaws in the security of cyber systems which may yield better protection of cyber systems. With the emergence of cyber-physical systems being introduced in manufacturing and services, it is all the more important to understand systemic vulnerabilities using a data-driven approach. Further, we aim to discover the non-trivial insights from data to provide input to innovative processes/products/policies.

We undertake research in diverse fields which all feed into decision making for policy, business, government, and cyber systems. We are a research centre with a strong teaching mandate. We apply the emerging knowledge into our pedagogy for a range of courses that we offer cutting across diverse programes offered by IIM Nagpur. We also undertake many executive programes for a diverse set of professionals working in government or private sector. We also offer open executive programes.

We also provide consulting and advisory services to organizations aspiring to assess their cyber security programs and explore opportunities that exist with the data available with them. Being placed in an academic setting, we aim to build knowledge from these engagements in the form of case studies, research articles, and practitioner articles.

In addition to research publications we actively engage in organizing analytics and cybersecurity Hackathons, organizing guest talks, writing popular articles in newspapers, write blogs and provide forums for interacting with industry and government organizations.

We hope you will stop by our blogs, our other points of web presence, and of course, also our campus.