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Types of Submission

There are two types of submissions, Abstract or Full Paper. Please select the option in the question below appropriately. The word limit for a full-length paper is 8000 words including citations and references. Please limit your abstract to 2000 characters (approximately 250 words). Please select the subject area (track) closest among those available.

Management cases track

ISDSI-Global 2021 invites submission for management cases in two categories-Research case and teaching case. Please submit your case proposals in the Management cases track in the submission portal ( Please click here for more information

Formats for the management cases can be found here –
Research case
Teaching case

Submission Rules

For all abstract, proposal, and full paper submission please follow the APA style of referencing. All submissions should be in Times new roman, font size 12, and 1.5 spacing between sentences. All submissions should be made in word format only. For submission format, please refer to the sample submission below:

Heading 1: Title of the abstract / proposal / paper (not more than 15 words)

Body text: Abstract (250 words) / full paper (8000 words)

Keywords: Minimum three

Adopted Methodology: Please provide keywords for the methods/methodology adapted in the paper.

Submission process
Please note that all submissions will be accepted through the conference management website only. Click Here

Please follow the following steps

1. Login / create an account in the Conference Management System by Clicking Here.
2. Click on ‘Create New Submission’ to start your submission process.
3. Enter the title of your submission in the ‘Title’ field and the rest of your paper in the ‘Abstract’ field.
4. The author section will be prepopulated with your account details. If you want to add co-authors, click on the ‘Add’ option below and enter their details. If the co-author is not a user of the CMT, please enter relevant information to add your co-author as a user to the CMT.
5. Please select your track under the Subject area section.
6. To upload your paper, please select ‘Drop files’ or ‘Upload from computer’. Please note that the files will not be uploaded till you click on the submit button at the bottom of the form. Do not include any information in your file that reveals the identity of the authors.
7. On the submission summary page, you can send a confirmation email to yourself and your co-authors by clicking on the email option on your right and selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown choices.

For any further queries with the submission process, please write to