Message from Chairperson, IIM Nagpur

/Message from Chairperson, IIM Nagpur
Shri. C P Gurnani

Shri. C P Gurnani

MD & CEO – TechMahindra Chairman,
Board of Governors, IIM Nagpur

Message from Chairperson IIM Nagpur

The world is constantly transforming, and the only way forward is to imbibe the culture of innovation in our very DNA. We are witnessing live what the World Economic Forum (WEF) has termed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The boundaries across physical, digital, and biological spaces are disappearing or being redefined at lightning speed. It is imperative that we contribute to this hyper-connected world and the tremendous possibilities it heralds for all humankind. Nothing stimulates the mind like fresh perspectives and new ideas are driven by experiences different than our own. While we shape the future, learn how to learn in a fast-changing world, conduct trade and business across borders, and try to make the world more inclusive and human-centric, it is critical that we exchange ideas, dreams and aspirations with others for the benefit of us all.

Japan, the country that has constantly dominated the world’s technology and manufacturing industry, is a natural choice in our journey to contribute to the industry and academia by creating global talent. Besides the rich historical, cultural and socio-economic abundance it brings to the table, Japan stands out as a shining example of human excellence, resilience, and indomitability (yamato-damashii).

While India and Japan continue to strengthen their bilateral economic and strategic relationship, there is more we can do pro-actively to leverage our combined knowledge. The development of skilled and culturally adaptive human resources to bolster and enrich both economies, including Indian and Japanese multinational corporations and startups, is an important step in achieving this. I strongly believe that the people-to-people connection and camaraderie among the Indians and the Japanese will constitute the very essence of this development.

It gives me immense joy that the two great nations are coming together at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Nagpur with the Indo-Japan Research Center (IJRC). We intend to work closely with Japanese enterprises, academia, and policymakers and imbibe the Japanese spirit of indefatigability on our very own spirited journey towards the truth. This presents a unique opportunity to learn from the ancient culture and civilization of Japan that rivals that of ours, in co-creating new knowledge, know-how , and most importantly, leaders of the tumultuous future that awaits us. In doing so, we intend to uphold the spirit of cooperation, constructive dialogue, and industry. Together we can build a future where the Cherry Blossoms bloom among the Lotuses.