Message from Director, IIM Nagpur

/Message from Director, IIM Nagpur
Dr Bhimaraya Metri

Dr. Bhimaraya Metri

Indian Institute of Management Nagpur

Message from Director IIM Nagpur

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Nagpur is an institution of national importance established by the Government of India in 2015. Like other Indian Institutes of Management, IIM Nagpur is mandated by the government to (i) further collaborative research and education in the field of management, and to (ii) increase its international outreach and footprint in doing so, thereby contributing to both academia and industry at the national as well as at the international level. In fulfilling this mandate, the Indo-Japan Research Center (IJRC) was founded in the year 2020, under the aegis of IIM Nagpur.

IJRC will aim at conducting collaborative cross-cultural research with Japanese academia and enterprises in bringing closer the Indian and the Japanese academia and industries. Also, IJRC will aim at actively contributing to the entrepreneurship ecosystem by collaborating with Japanese entrepreneurs and innovators.

IJRC will position itself as a four-sided platform in fostering interaction across Indian and Japanese industries and academia. In other words, IJRC will strive to become a knowledge gateway to Japan (India), by offering and providing Indian (Japanese) enterprises with the know-how to conduct business in Japan (India). In this regard, IIM Nagpur has already secured a long-term partnership with Chuo University, Graduate School of Strategic Management. Going forward, IJRC aspires to collaborate more extensively with Indian and Japanese universities, institutions and industries by pursuing research projects relevant to the Indo-Japanese socio-economic context, by conducting jointly organized conferences, and by promoting faculty exchanges and co-created coursework, inter alia.

Ultimately, IJRC aims to contribute by creating new knowledge at the confluence of Indo-Japanese thought that will stand the scrutiny of reality and practice This knowledge, thus created, will help in developing culturally sensitive and empathetic, global managerial talent imbued with the spirit of relentless pursuit of universal truth transcending all boundaries.