Vision & Mission

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Vision & Mission

Vision –

To become the leading center for impactful knowledge creation, dissemination, and practice, in management sciences, based on Indo-Japanese philosophies, principles, and values.

Mission –

To foster and support research in management sciences that augment or supplant existing management thought by creating new knowledge, management principles and philosophies based on Indo-Japanese philosophies, principles, and values.

To conduct research at the confluence of the management sciences, technology, and the arts and aesthetics, as relevant to Indo-Japanese thought, with critical openness.

To support our partner universities and institutions in facilitating collaborative research relevant at the Indo-Japan cross-cultural context.

To work closely with Indian and Japanese industries, including small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, in creating new knowledge and know-how, and also to help these enterprises imbibe the new knowledge and know-how thus created.

To act as a knowledge gateway providing contextually relevant advisory services to Indian (Japanese) enterprises interested in introducing or expanding operations in Japan (India).

Overall, to promote and nurture deep and integrative cross-cultural exchanges, and to further deepen the existing friendship between India and Japan in our endeavor to create, and disseminate new knowledge, and to impact practice.