Message from Chairperson, IJRC

/Message from Chairperson, IJRC
Prof. Rahul Kumar Sett

Prof. Rahul Kumar Sett

Indian Institute of Management Nagpur

Message from Chairpersons IJRC

The Indo-Japan Research Center (IJRC) at IIM Nagpur, aims at creating and disseminating knowledge at the confluence of Indo-Japanese thought, philosophies, and principles. The center aims at developing a distinctive Asian perspective to look at issues germane to management . The center will explore consequential issues endemic to India and Japan as comparatives in developing the above mentioned Asian perspective. These comparatives will entail teasing out differences and exploring similarities with critical openness, and subsequently learning from this enterprise. The center will explore beyond the traditional bounds of the domain of management in this regard, for instance, by integrating tenets from across technological fields, and the arts and aesthetics, as relevant to management research and education.

The primary activities of the center include (but are not necessarily limited to) contextually relevant research at the Indo-Japanese cross-cultural context, development of contemporary teaching materials including cases, industry notes, and technical notes, advisory services, and training programs in helping develop good managerial and entrepreneurial talent capable of working seamlessly across (seemingly) disparate cultural contexts.

The center will also organize conferences periodically, in conjunction with its Japanese partners, in an effort to bring the Indian and Japanese industries, and academia closer. Most importantly, the center will strive to form deep and lasting connections between the people of the two great countries by upholding the jointly celebrated spirits of collaboration, friendship, and universal humanism.

I welcome you to be a part of the journey.