EQUES Presents Aalekh – Strategy Conclave

EQUES Presents Aalekh
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EQUES Presents Aalekh – Strategy Conclave

Dec 6, 2020

04:30 PM


EQUES Strategy and Consulting Club

EQUES Presents Aalekh

The first Strategy Conclave, organized by EQUES, Aalekh, had business leaders from different domains who gave their insights on “Change Management” and its implementation.

Mr. Anuj Kumar, Associate Director at KPMG India, talked about the technical aspect of implementing Change Management. He spoke about “Project mining” and how it is the next step towards the strategic execution of data-driven change.

Dr. Subhajit Bose, Director & Head – Strategic Planning, Analytics & Controls (AO) at IndiGo, explained the importance of managing Human Resources and involving all layers of an organization from designing to executing a change management initiative.

Mr. Aman Rishi, Senior Director at Stryker, India, highlighted how empathy is the key to deliver successful change management strategies and emphasized the importance of communication. He stressed upon the importance of constantly checking for “Change Fatigue” and celebrating small successes to boost morale.

The session concluded with Prof. Atul Pathak summarising the session and discussing the speakers’ views on changes that emerged due to the ongoing pandemic. He thanked the speakers, organizers, and the students with a note on embracing change and keeping our morale high during these unprecedented times.