वॉइस ऑफ़ SAC प्रेसिडेंट

वॉइस ऑफ़ SAC प्रेसिडेंट

वॉइस ऑफ़ SAC प्रेसिडेंट


The principal duty of President, Student Affairs’ Council, IIM Nagpur, is to act as an effective interface between the students, administration, and the faculty. The Students’ Affairs Council(SAC) is at the forefront in empowering the student community and driving the student activities at IIM Nagpur.

The student community runs many professional clubs, and these clubs equip students with knowledge of how classroom learnings can be applied in the outside world. The institute entrusts the SAC President with many responsibilities, which include handling of public relations, planning and executing the student activities, reviewing and evaluating various policies related to students, engaging the student affairs in a way that upholds the integrity, dignity, and image of the institute. The SAC President always strives towards enabling the vision and mission of the institute in every decision made and realized.

The diverse set of students of IIM Nagpur have brought laurels to the institute on multiple occasions with their meritorious performances, and the student community is flourishing in representing the institution at various national and international platforms. We have an impeccable record of successfully carrying out student activities. The various clubs, committees, and interest groups have worked ceaselessly and achieved great heights, and I am sure that we will scale new heights by working collectively.

Within a short span, IIM Nagpur has accomplished a lot and crossed many incredible milestones. The alumni network of four batches has achieved extraordinary feats across multiple domains. We acknowledge the foundation of student activities and a high bar of standards set by them for the present and future generations. The onus on current students is enormous, not just to meet the expectations but also to exceed them. And, I have no doubt the current batch will come out with flying colors. It is an honor and a privilege to lead student activities and represent this excellent student fraternity. It is my responsibility to promote constructive criticism, encourage healthy debate, and value opinions from across the spectrum, and nourish and enable ideas of development. We stand together, and a sense of oneness prevails in not just the student community but across the entire IIM Nagpur fraternity, which includes the students, alumni, faculty, management, and the staff.

I look forward to your continuous support in continuing our legacy and writing new chapters of the history of our incredible journey.

Fareed Ahmad Sheik,
President, Students’ Affairs Council, IIM Nagpur