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इन्फेड गतिविधियां और कार्यक्रम

Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP)

It was conducted in January – February 2021, with the support of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. 26 participants from 7 states and 1 Union territory participated in this programme.

Program Objectives:

  • To train the graduates in Science and Technology stream in the essentials of conceiving, planning, initiating and launching a venture;
  • To expose them to a new body of knowledge or emerging trends and the opportunities in various sectors;
  • To network them with financial institutions, entrepreneurship enablers and innovative and successful entrepreneurs;
  • To advance their ideas towards a sellable product or service with proven customers.

Program Outcomes:

  • The participants will be able to ideate, brainstorm, and finetune their ideas for venture creation;
  • The participants will be able to add an innovative dimension either to their business models/ products/ services/ revenue streams or conceive a new sustainable venture idea;
  • The participants will be able to network, introduce, and engage themselves to representatives of financial institutions, entrepreneurship enablers and founders of existing ventures;
  • The participants will submit an initial feasibility report and final business plan in consultation with mentors and domain experts.

Women Startup Programme (with NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore as programme partner for the state of Maharashtra)

The Women Startup Programme at InFED, IIM Nagpur is a fully dedicated programme to support aspiring women entrepreneurs to realise their dreams of starting and scaling their enterprise. The program identifies women entrepreneurs from diverse sectors through a rigorous screening process, offering them access to training and mentorship by domain experts and business mentors, market linkages, and access to exclusive networking events are some of the features of this programme. InFED is currently incubating its 2nd cohort of 32 incubates under this programme:

Name Venture Summary
Dhanashree Ambaselkar Dobby The Chef DobbyTheChef is a premium dog tiffin service which delivers fresh and nutritionally balanced dog food at doorstep. DobbyTheChef is for those aware dog parents who do not have time or know-how for preparing fresh dog food. DobbyTheChef also bakes fresh dog cakes and cookies.
Idea approved by the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India under the ‘Ideas for New India Challenge – 2020’
Kavita Pande We aR Solutions The plan is to provide the services to improve the life of the polymeric/metallic/ceramic component by nearly 2-4 times i.e ~ 50-70% improvements in life with the microwave and cryo-treatment processing and is almost 30-40 % economic. If a customer wants to involve this process as an integral part of their manufacturing process; then we will assist them to design proper (customized) microwave and cryostat as per their requirement and also provide them the necessary services thereafter on a charge basis. It is also planned to establish the process development laboratory for the different sectors.
Idea approved by the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India under the ‘Ideas for New India Challenge – 2020’
Niharika Kolte End-to-end 24×7 logistics network for instantaneous transport of organs for transplant, using autonomous BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) multi-rotor drones for intra-city organ transport, and a combination of multi-rotor and fixed-wing VTOL drones for inter-city/inter-district deliveries.
Jyoti Samseriya Pillay Herbal Adda A one-of-a-kind cafe which would offer Indian herbal tea (Kadha), along with healthy Indian breakfast. Ailment-specific herbal tea/Kadhas and drinks, such as diabetic tea, heart health tea, weight loss tea, and many more options according to body type and climatic conditions would be available. Healthy breakfast options would include gluten-free, rich-protein, low-carb and low-fat offerings.
Shubhangi Mahajan The Loom Story The Loom Story is a sustainable fashion enterprise which uses natural fabrics such as khadi, silk, linen, hemp, as well as regenerated fabrics like banana, soybean, bamboo and corn to provide an exclusive clothing line for all categories.
Sareyna Khan Ikshana The core idea at Ikshana is to design and create detachable sleeves and rubber, metal charms to give a trendy new look to the arms of the existing glasses/shades. It allows users to customize their eyewear, offering them confidence and greater freedom for self-expression.
Supriya Parashar Arwari Skillster Recognizing the challenges that ex-military personnel face while seeking civil employment, Skillster, a social enterprise for-profit offers research-based comprehensive solutions – including one-on-one coaching, skill-set assessment, profile outline, resume building, interview preparation, career survey, personal network building and various industry-specific skill-based training workshops to help ex-servicemen, military spouses and graduate dependents secure a rewarding career.
Rama Bhide Alpha School of Life Alpha School of Life Skills offers an innovative, impactful and scalable program on Life Skills Education. The program will empower the youth with much-needed competencies of self-awareness, coping with stress, decision making, communicating to influence, which will not only help them address everyday challenges but also develop leadership qualities.
Anuradha Thakur Prian e-charge+ Solar-enabled Prian e-charge+, is the solution to improve charging point availability at users’ convenience.
In addition to enhancing solar charging infrastructure and cutting down on waiting time, the offering will create business opportunities for parking lot owners.
Punam Hariharan Organic Amrit Organic Amrit will create a state-of-the-art eCommerce website and App that focuses on streamlining and aggregation of Organic Farm Produce (fresh or processed) and allied products that promote a sustainable lifestyle, while ensuring highest quality control, transparent farm-to-product traceability, pricing transparency, branding and smooth SCM channels particularly suitable to the agri industry.
It will also provide a One-Stop-Solution to landowners who have unused, uncultivated and fallow lands, these lands have not been cultivated for various personal reasons.
Stuti Sharan Pikkup PIKKUP is a start-up which facilitates last mile connectivity within Nagpur city for light commercial transport vehicles. It facilitates on-time service of mini-trucks on fixed rental charges based on distance travelled and ensures safe and secure transfer of goods.
Neha Bhoir Satvik Agro Satvik Agro is a manufacturer of Dehydrated Fruits, Vegetables and Powders by using a unique Solar Dehydration Process. Healthy Food and Herbal Powders are manufactured without using any Chemicals, preservatives or artificial colours beneficial to boost immunity power & useful to treat with Diabetes and other Health issues. Fruits and Vegetables are directly collected from local farmers and hygienically processed.
Nikita Sawant Fabrisafe Fabrisafe (nanomix) is nanocoated fabric with broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. Nanocoated fabric with long coating life and activity can be used in hospitals for bedding, uniforms of doctors and nursing staff and patients, undergarments, diapers etc, assuring minimal risk of infection.
Prachi Joshi Sankalpana Creations Sankalpana Creations provides attractive home decor products and unique gift options, by processing dry waste like wedding invitations, sponge sheets, plastic bottles and caps, coconut shells, pebbles, waste wood, etc. The venture offers innovative products such as frames, key holders, fridge magnets, decorated mirrors, showpieces, and bottle art that are made by upcycling dry waste.
Kamala Saluja Decornt Decornt is a B2B e-commerce marketplace for manufacturers and sellers to sell their goods to retailers & other business entities with specialization in Hospitality (Hotel Ware, Restaurants, Events, Catering, Wedding Decoration), Electronics, Lighting, Disposables, Industrial Safety Goods and other business products categories across India.
The main idea is to empower Retailers, Wholesalers, Traders, and Manufacturers using technology as a source & connect on a single platform via a mobile app.
Neelam Chinnappa Busy Me Busy Me offers fun, re-usable, hands-on, creative, portable and inexpensive educational resources, in the form of kits, busy boards, busy books focusing on problem solving, cognitive, critical thinking and fine motor skills for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The venture aims to partner with experts in the field to create customized learning solutions for children with learning difficulties and issues.
Ritu Kedia Cubane Solutions Cubane Solutions Pvt Ltd provides end-to-end solutions, including the licences, facilitator, certificates etc for business and entrepreneurship simulations for undergrads, grads and school (8-12th) students. Next in line are syllabus-based activities like Board Games for Social Emotional Learning, DIY STEAM activities, DIY SDG awareness activities (Indian context) as supplementary tools for education for K-5 that need to be professionally designed and tested.
Akkshata Nigam Hyperlocal platform on which local sellers can create their own web shops in seconds, share them via WhatsApp, streamline fulfilment and benefit from localised marketing services; and consumers can seamlessly find, shop and schedule hygienic deliveries from their favourite local vendors.
Isha Deo Yoga e-Setu Yoga e-Setu is one of the world’s first posture reading AI-based apps that can correct, detect and guide participants about the right posture in Yoga. The app also has other functionalities such as daily Yoga Practice, and mindfulness techniques.
Divyakshi Kaushik We are developing a portable and wearable arm sleeve for the lifetime management of breast-cancer related lymphedema, which causes a sizable swelling in the adjacent arm and restricts mobility of the individual, hampering their activities of daily living and reducing their quality of life. Our intelligent and sleek wearable sleeve will allow 12 -14 hours of continuous lymphatic drainage like a healthy lymphatic system, allowing the user to carry out their daily activities.
Neera Pandey Fruit Frenzy Fruit Frenzy is a totally natural brand of ice creams and is the only ice cream in India, which is sweetened using fruit juices and not table sugar. The product offerings are really innovative- fried and grilled ice creams, fruitice, rolls, scoops and family packs. The packaging is also designed from biodegradable materials such as coconut shells and earthen pots.
Ruchi Vadera EzzyCart EzzyCart is a B2B SaaS platform which provides white-labelled eCommerce Web and Mobile App solutions to local retail merchants. An innovative approach allows users to increase the revenue top-line of local merchants and small business owners and make them self-reliant. EzzyCart not just helps them in selling online but also empowers them to develop their own reseller/franchise network and grow hyper-locally.
Vrundan Bawankar De’haat Foundation De’haat is a platform for rural artisans, especially women, to earn a dignified livelihood by means of handcrafted eco-friendly utility products, and connects them to the market by leveraging technology.
Gitanjali Thite We aim to manufacture concept-based toys for children of aged 3-7 years. We want to give them toys which are safe, non-toxic, recyclable and easily affordable.
Dr Sonal Dhabekar O – Eco Our venture is all about eco friendly range of mosquito control products. We offer antimicrobial and antiviral coating solutions for all types of surfaces and fabrics.
Devayani Pathak Korkoo Korkoo is a smart platform to aggregate local services like taxis, guides, home-stays and porters at travel destinations. Korkoo will receive earnings from commission and advertisements and will promote local youth in travel business.
Priyanka Gupta The proposed idea is to develop a manufacturing and research unit for Nutraceutical products. The project will help to develop palatable nutraceutical fermented milk products by utilizing anticancer herbs and probiotics microflora i.e. production of syn-biotic fermented milk formulations. The venture aims to promote nutraceuticals formulations for its commercialization as a functional food.
Shrutika Bagul Saptaranga This series includes one liquid fertiliser (Grow-On) which can be given as a foliar spray. The other two fertilisers (Saptaranga and Grow-Fast) are made from cow manure (from Indian breed cows) which is herbally enhanced. These enhanced fertilisers help in healthy plant growth and increase the crop yield, fruit pulp and sweetness as well. At the same time, it reduces per acre cost of cultivation.
Karishma Datir-Sathe The increase in population growth trends in India demands a lot of pressure on the current area of land under agriculture to increase crop yield. The erratic use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has degraded the quality of the top layer of soil. Studies over the years have shown an initial spike in the production of crops but now the agriculturist must add more of the chemical to get the same yield, thus increasing the cost of farming. The shift to environment friendly products to treat soil and make it suitable for high crop yields is the current necessity. The demand in the global market for biofertilizers and biopesticides has projected to augment at a high rate due to growing awareness regarding its health and environmental benefits. The gradual shift from chemical-based farming techniques to organic practices, growing adoption of biofertilizers in soil fertility management activities, replacement of chemical pesticides with bacterial pesticides and growth of the organic food industry, and rise in the cost of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is diverting farmers more towards organic farming. On the other hand, lack of awareness in several potential emerging markets, poor infrastructure, and technological constraints are obstructing the proper prosperity of the biofertilizers and biopesticide market.
Anushri Kamble The venture offers accompaniments, enhancers and combinations of eatables that promote mindful eating. The offerings have high nutritional value and involve less to no use of preservatives. In the latter phase of this project, we plan to introduce a solar food dehydrator that is suitable for urban infrastructure.

Women Startup Programme 2018-19 (1st Cohort)

Name Venture Summary
Ms. Leena Dixit Nativ Chefs
A technology platform for traditionally authentic cuisines that are not easily available in the market and are cooked/ catered by home chefs.
Ms. Antaraa Vasudev CIVIS
A one of its kind tools that lets citizens and government communicate seamlessly. It enables people to understand the laws and legislation that affect them, while empowering citizens to share their feedback on these laws.
Ms. Shweta Kulkarni Astronera
An online and on-campus facility to learn astronomy at various levels in scientific temperament with a creative way.
Ms. Alisha Nanda HungerPacks
India’s first user and expert-generated review platform for packaged food products (App/Website) that gives the power in the hands of the customers to know everything about the product in hand/or online in just one click or a quick scan.
Ms. Shikha Verma Thutheja Studio Uniforms An online and offline platform that offers a wide variety of fabrics and custom design options to select and view on a 3D Model, assisted by a Virtual Design Expert.
Ms. Priyanka Palshetkar Almameal Envisions bridging the gap between quality, healthy food and affordability by bringing the idea of ‘Ghar ka khana’ for people who live away from home.
Ms. Krati Garg FemArtha Financial services for women with special focus on goal-based planning
Ms. Vidya R Nair SVABHIMAN Clean Toilets for premium pay-and-use sanitation facilities to Indian and foreign tourists.

InFED routinely collaborates with several organizations for promotion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the ecosystem in India and abroad.

  • InFED hosted the iDEX DISC IV Virtual Roadshow as an outreach activity for the Defence India Startup Challenge, conducted by the Ministry of Defence, GoI. The event was aimed at attracting researchers and entrepreneurs to create prototypes and solutions for strategic military needs.
  • InFED was the ecosystem partner for BIGShift Nagpur – an initiative to enable, engage and empower India’s Tier 2 startups, organized by Inc42, a digital media startup. The event offered a platform to bring forth the innovation, business acumen and creativity of startups in Nagpur.
  • InFED collaborated with Zone Startups for the event Next BIG Idea. An Indo-Canadian Bilateral Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program, the event aimed to select 13 start-ups to travel to Canada, and enable market access as well as mentoring and networking opportunities for them.