MBA-WP अध्यक्ष का संदेश

MBA-WP अध्यक्ष का संदेश

MBA-WP अध्यक्ष का संदेश

Prof-Saurabh-Pandya Greetings!

IIM Nagpur, which started its journey in 2015, has already made a mark with its excellent delivery of the two-year flagship MBA programme. The various batches of alumni are contributing meaningfully to organizations across India and are well on their way to become future leaders. In 2021, IIMN has made some giant strides to leverage its expertise in delivering quality management education, by designing and launching two new degree-granting programmes and various domain specific online certification programmes.

As a part of its vision and mission to foster engaged scholarship, IIMN launched the MBA for Working Professionals programme with an objective to reach out to executives and working professionals in various sectors across public and private organizations. These mid- to senior-level executives, who are probably on the cusp of assuming leadership and key decision-making positions in their organizations, and who missed out on formal management education earlier, would benefit the most from this MBA-WP programme.

The MBA-WP programme is being offered at two locations currently, the main campus in Nagpur and satellite campus in Pune. It is a two-year master’s degree programme with a good mix of core (compulsory) and elective (domain specific) courses. The programme has 750 contact hours of classroom interactions and should require almost an equal number of hours from the participants for their class preparation, group activities, assignments, exam preparation and other academic activities. The classes will be conducted three days a week either in the weekday evenings or on the weekends.

Keeping in mind the hectic schedule of working professionals and the challenges they face in managing their studies while working, the MBA-WP programme aims to build in maximum flexibility for the participants through the industry/international week (short courses by eminent experts), option to select some MOOCs (free open online courses on specified education platforms), CIS (course of independent study), field project, etc. The participants also stand to gain immensely from the experience of resident and visiting faculty of IIMN, and their own peers and batchmates who will come from diverse educational backgrounds, industries and occupations.

While the overall course work and academic requirements will be rigorous to maintain the IIM standards, the journey and experience of these two years will surely be rewarding and enriching for the participants. This will open doors of new opportunities and new vistas for the working professionals to not only excel in their existing organizations, but also explore new roles and sectors, as they look to pivot their careers to greater heights.

Welcome to the journey of continuous learning! Best wishes!

Prof Saurabh Pandya
Chairperson, MBA for Working Professionals programme, IIM Nagpur