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Nilesh Gupta
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Finance and accounting Full Time Faculty FPM, IIM Ahmedabad
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Prof Nilesh Gupta is a faculty member in the Finance and Accounting Area at IIM Nagpur. Nilesh completed his B.Tech (Electronics) from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (previously UPTU) and then started his professional career working at Tata Consultancy Services, creating Anti-Money Laundering software. He got his FPM(PhD.) from IIM Ahmedabad and taught at IIM Trichy for over five years (2014-2020). During his tenure, he has taken courses in the two-year MBA program (PGP), Ph.D. program, and working executives MBA batches, in addition to delivering modules at executive training programs and workshops. Prof. Gupta has several cases, research papers, media publications, and paper presentations at international conferences to his credit.

Research Interests

Behavioral Finance, Asset Pricing, and Venture capital and Entrepreneurship.

Research Papers

  1. Dividend Policy in India: Reconciling Theory and Evidence, 2020, with Bipin Dixit and Suman Saurabh, forthcoming, Managerial Finance (ABDC B), Available at
  2. The Interplay between Sentiment and MAX: Evidence from an Emerging Market, 2020 with Joshy Jacob, forthcoming, Journal of Emerging Market Finance (ABDC B).

Teaching Cases

  1. Unicommerce: The exit decision, 2019, with Shantam Shukla, Ivey Publishing Product No. 9B19M039, 15pg,  Available at link
  2. Suzlon Energy Limited : To hold or not to hold, 2018, with G. Sethu, The Case Centre, Reference No. 118-0075-1, 14pg,  Available at link
  3. Suzlon Energy Limited : Crafting a Financial Policy for growth, 2018, with G. Sethu, The Case Centre, Reference No. 118-0067-1, 9pg. Available at link


  1. "Why active funds beat the market" with Prof. G Sethu. Published in livemint (Link)

Awards and Honors

  1. Best Paper award at 2019 Research Symposium on Finance and Economics organized by IFMR Graduate School of Business
  2. Best Case in Entrepreneurship category at ISB-IVEY Case Competition 2016
  3. Honorable Mentions at ISB-IVEY Case Competition 2016 and 2017


  1. “Idiosyncratic Skewness and the role of sentiment in the Indian Market“ at the 2019 Research Symposium on Finance and Economics organized by IFMR Graduate School of Business
  2. “Dividend Policy in India: Reconciling Theory and Evidence” at the India Finance Conference 2019 at Ahmedabad
  3. “Idiosyncratic Skewness and the role of sentiment in the Indian Market” at the India Finance Conference 2019 at Ahmedabad
  4. “Idiosyncratic return characteristics and cross-section of expected stock returns” , 11th ISDSI Conference, December 28-30, 2017
  5. “Sentiment and Liquidity: An Emerging Markets Perspective ,21st EBES Conference at Budapest, January 12-14, 2017
  6. “Measuring Investor sentiment in India”, India Finance Conference at Ahmedabad, December 18-20, 2013
  7. “Measuring Investor sentiment in India”, IIMA Doctoral Colloquium, Ahmedabad, December 9-11, 2013


Dr. Gupta has taught the following courses in his academic career.

Two year MBA program  

  1. Corporate Finance - Core course - [2016 onwards ]
  2. Behavioral Finance - Elective - [2015 onwards]
  3. Financial Derivatives - Elective - [2015, 2016]
  4. Designing and Configuring Business models - Elective - [2017]

PhD. program

  1. Behavioral Finance
  2. Theoretical Asset Pricing
  3. Empirical Asset Pricing
  4. Research Methods in Finance and Accounting

Sessions taught

  1. Finance Module for executives delivered through NIIT Imperia platform [2015]

IIM Nagpur:


Previous Institutions (selected responsibilities)

Principal Contact Person for UAP, CFA Institute, IIM Trichy -  [2015-2020]

Mentor for the Finance and Investments Club, IIM Trichy -  [2014 –2019]

Area Chair, Finance and Accounting Area, IIM Trichy - [2016 -2018]

Member, PGP Committee, IIM Trichy- [2016-2018]

Member, IT Committee, IIM Trichy - [2018-2020]