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Varsha Khandker
Varsha Khandker
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Marketing Faculty Fellow (IIM Ahmedabad)
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Prof. Varsha Khandker is a faculty in the area of Marketing. She holds a doctoral degree from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. Before joining IIM Nagpur, she has worked as a faculty in Marketing at T A Pai Management Institute, Manipal (2014-2017). Prof. Varsha teaches Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Strategic Marketing, and Managing Markets at the Bottom of the Pyramid. She is a certified instructor for the marketing simulations, MarkStrat and BrandPro, by StratX (Paris). She is also certified by Harvard Business Publishing for teaching with simulations. She has presented papers at international academic conferences and is a reviewer for several academic conferences and journals. At IIM Nagpur, she is a member of the Board of Governors of IIM Nagpur. Prof. Varsha has served as the Chairperson- Admissions & Financial Aid Committee (2019-20 to 2021-22) where she spearheaded admissions to all the degree granting programmes of the institute. She has also been the Chairperson - Gender Issues Committee, Member - PGP Executive Committee and several other committees of the institute.


Research Interest:

Marketing in emerging economies, bottom of pyramid marketing, rural marketing, technology adoption, food and agri-business marketing.

Journal Articles:

  • Khandker, V. (2022). Two decades of the bottom of the pyramid research: Identifying the influencers, structure, and the evolution of the concept. Management Review Quarterly.
  • Khandker, V., & Gandhi, V. P. (2021). Agricultural technologies for marginal and landless farmers: A case of hybrid rice cultivation in India. Agricultural Economics Research Review, 34(2), 165-178.
  • Nandi, S., Nandi, M.L. and Khandker, V. (2021), "Impact of perceived interactivity and perceived value on mobile app stickiness: an emerging economy perspective", Journal of Consumer Marketing, 38(6), 721-737.
  • Khandker, V., Gandhi, V.P., & Johnson, N. (2020). Gender Perspective in Water Management: The Involvement of Women in Participatory Water Institutions of Eastern India. Water, 12, 196
  • Bhajni, S., Khandker, V., Patil, S., & Makati, U. (2019). White Print: The Dotted Word. Asian Case Research Journal, 23(2), 331-349.
  • Maurya, D., Joshi, K., Khandker, V., Pratap, V., & Iyer, V. (2019). "Making-Up during Data Analysis" the Performance Measurement System in Karnataka. Public Administration Quarterly43(1), 79-120.
  • Khandker, V., & Joshi, K. P. (2019). Price determination for 4G service using price sensitivity model in India. Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management18(2), 93-99.
  • Khandker, V., & Gandhi, V. P. (2018). Post-adoption experience of hybrid rice in India: farmers’ satisfaction and willingness to grow. Agricultural Economics Research Review31(347-2018-3193), 95-104.
  • Khandker, V., & Thakurata, I. (2018). Factors encouraging complete adoption of agricultural technologies: The case of hybrid rice cultivation in India. Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies8(2), 270-287.
  • Gandhi, V. P., & Khandker, V. (2012). Frontier Technologies in Agriculture Biotechnology: The Promise and Performance of Bt Cotton in India. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics67(3), 438.

Working Papers:

  • Khandker, V. & Thakurata, I. (2017). Factors encouraging complete adoption of agricultural technologies: The case of hybrid rice cultivation in India, TAPMI Working Paper, TWP 121.
  • Pal, D. & Khandker, V. (2010). Does Land Reform Matter? An Empirical Analysis of Indian States, IIM Ahmedabad Working Paper Series, W.P. No. 2010-12-01, IIM Ahmedabad.

Conference Presentations:

  • "Efficient Participatory Irrigation Institutions to Support Productive and Sustainable Agriculture in South Asia - The Gender Perspective” in Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES) Annual Conference, Melbourne (February 2019).
  • “Biotechnology in Agriculture: Examining the Promise, Performance, Concerns and Economics” in National Conference on Agro-Economic Research, IEG Delhi (January 2018).
  • Designing a Performance Measurement System in case of Time Bound Service Delivery Act (SAKALA) in Karnataka” in 3rd International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP) at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore (June 2017).
  • “Determinants of Satisfaction with Hybrid Rice Technology amongst the Indian Farmers” in 4th International Rice Congress, Thailand. (accepted as a poster) (October 2014).
  • “Challenges in the Adoption of Hybrid Rice in India: A Conceptual and Empirical Study of the Farmer and Market Response Behavior” in 6th International Hybrid Rice Symposium, Hyderabad, India (September 2012).
  • “Introduction of New Technologies in Agriculture: A Study of the Challenges in the Adoption of Hybrid Rice in India in 56th Annual Conference of Australian Agriculture and Resource Economics Society, Fremantle, Australia (February 2012).
  • “Introduction of New Technologies in Agriculture: A Study of the Challenges in the Adoption of Hybrid Rice in India” in 5th Doctoral Colloquium, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (January 2012).


  • Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
  • Information Technology & People
  • IIM B Management Review
  • Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies
  • IIM Kozhikode Society and Management Review
  • IIMA International Conference on Advances in Healthcare Management Services
  • World Management Conference, IIM Kozhikode
  • Indian Academy of Management Conference

  • Marketing Management (IIM Nagpur, TAPMI Manipal)
  • Research for Marketing Decisions/Marketing Research (IIM Nagpur, TAPMI Manipal)
  • Managerial Analysis and Decision (TAPMI Manipal)
  • Strategic Marketing (IIM Nagpur, TAPMI Manipal)
  • Marketing for the Bottom of the Pyramid (IIM Nagpur)
  • Rural Marketing (IIM Nagpur, IIM Shillong, NIAM Jaipur)
  • Agricultural Input Marketing (Course for Agricultural Practitioners from Kenya and Libya as a part of US-India Africa Triangular International Program on ‘Agricultural Marketing Management’ at NIAM Jaipur)


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  • Member, Board of Governors, IIM Nagpur (2019-20 - till date)
  • Member, Building Committee, Board of Governors, IIM Nagpur (2019-20 - till date)
  • Member, Admissions & Financial Aid Committee, IIM Nagpur (2022-23 - till date)
  • Chairperson, Admissions and Financial Aid Committee, IIM Nagpur (2019-20 - 2021-22)
  • Member, PGP Executive Committee, IIM Nagpur (2018-19 - 2021-22)
  • Chairperson, Gender Issues Committee, IIM Nagpur (2017-18 to 2019-20)
  • Faculty Co-ordinator, Field Immersion Module, IIM Nagpur (2018-19 to 2019-20)
  • Faculty Mentor - Women Start-up Programme 2018 (NSRCEL), IIM Nagpur (2018-19)