Open House with Piyush Pande

Open House with Piyush Pande
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Open House with Piyush Pande

Jul 15, 2022

04:30 PM

IIM Nagpur

About the Author:

Mr. Piyush Pandey is the Global Chief Creative Officer and Executive Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather. He is more famously known as the ‘Ad-Man of India’ and has won over 600 national and international awards during his four-decade career in advertising. Mr. Pandey’s journey at Ogilvy from an account executive trainee to the executive chairman is a story of accomplishment, ingenuity, and perseverance. He obtained his MA degree from St Stephen’s College and Post-Graduation in History from the University of Delhi. Piyush’s most significant contribution to the Indian advertising industry is that he brought it out of the colonial mindset by refining ads to the taste of billion Indiana. He is the man behind epochal lines like “Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai”, “Fevicol ka Jod Hai, Tootega Nahi!” and “Abki Baar Modi Sarkar”. He also wrote the lyrics “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara,” widely known as the second national anthem of India. He was voted Asia’s Creative person at the Media Asia Awards 2002. He is the only Indian to have won a double Gold at Cannes and a triple Grand Prize at London International Awards. Mr. Piyush was also a member of the Clio Jury 2000 and Cannes Film Jury 2002.

About The Book:

The Open House with Mr. Piyush Pandey is work through the life of the author, his work, experiences, etc., where he tries to answer questions asked to him by many people throughout his career, from the simplest ones to the more complex questions. The book has three parts, each of which describes his thoughts on different aspects of advertising, his campaign, work at Ogilvy, etc.