“Nothing is too Small” – Mr. Prakash Iyer, Noted Author and CXO Coach

“Nothing is too Small” – Mr. Prakash Iyer, Noted Author and CXO Coach
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“Nothing is too Small” – Mr. Prakash Iyer, Noted Author and CXO CoachSep 28, 2021

IIM Nagpur, in association with CBL readiSCO, organized its second Book discussion session with Mr. Prakash Iyer, CEO, and Founder of Leadership Works, Former CEO of Kimberly Clark Lever, and now the best selling author of “The Habit of Winning and The Secret of Leadership.” Mr. Prakash currently conducts training programs and workshops to help people unleash the leader within them.

The session started with the book launch at IIM Nagpur by the Director Dr. Bhimaraya Metri, “How Come No One Told Me That?” written by Mr. Prakash. Director Sir welcomed Mr. Prakash Iyer and talked about the book. He emphasized how beautifully the book talked about the importance of learning to learn. He believed that books generated curiosity and made people think about thinking. Every sub-topic makes people think, and this is what makes this book fascinating. As the session progressed, Mr. Prakash explained how different lessons he learned from friends, groups, and family made him wonder, “How come no one told me that?” And these experiences paved the way for him to write this book eventually. The students gained valuable insights into how it is necessary to challenge the existing beliefs. People are often told not to judge a book by its cover, but it is not true in reality. In today’s corporate world, it is essential to not only be technically sound but also focus on how one presents themselves. Both the aspects are equally important, and there shouldn’t be a tradeoff. Mr. Prakash also spoke on how to come out of the illusion of being a perfectionist. One need not wait for the perfect thing. Keep making mistakes, learn from them. Start small and build on it, which will pave the way for the greater good. Mr. Prakash shared further insights based on stories mentioned in the book.

The session concluded with Mr. Prakash, enlightening the audience on focusing on things that eventually make us happy. He spoke on how he made the switch from corporate life to now being an author and motivational speaker as he felt pleased that his work could create slight differences in the life of the people he interacted with. The session was indeed insightful and engaging and a reason for every individual to read this book so that they too can look at small things in their everyday lives differently and wonder, how come no one ever told me that?