MBA Chairperson’s Message

MBA Chairperson’s Message
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MBA Chairperson’s Message

Prof-Prakash-Awasthy The two-year flagship MBA programme of IIM Nagpur strives to provide the best learning opportunities to students by bringing real and contextually relevant managerial problems to the classroom. Furthermore, the programme curriculum help students in developing a mindset and problem-solving approach that help in making managerial decisions effectively. The pathway to acquire these capabilities are guided by the principle of सत्यं च स्वाध्याय प्रवचने च (satyam cha svadhyayapravachanecha) – ‘practice truth through learning and teaching’. In other words, individual reflection and collective discourse are our guiding principles.

The MBA curriculum strikes a unique balance between academic rigor and industrial relevance. The resident and visiting faculty with extensive research and industry experience provide mentorship in developing a thinking approach that future managers and leaders need. The relevant, rigorous curriculum at IIM Nagpur with its world-class faculty makes the programme most challenging and rewarding in terms of academic learning.

IIM Nagpur, with its upcoming state-of-the-art 132-acre campus situated in the heart of the industrial hub, would provide a conducive learning environment. In addition to rigorous in-class learning, the students also get an opportunity to work with local and global industries. Furthermore, the second-year curriculum includes international immersion programmes and exchange programmes to facilitate international exposure. Furthermore, IIM Nagpur has numerous students’ clubs that complement rigorous academic curriculum by providing an opportunity for social service and extra-curricular, co-curricular learning.

IIM Nagpur provides the best environment to learn and excel in the skills necessary for becoming the best managers in the future.

Prof. Prakash Awasthy
Chairperson, Master of Business Administration, IIM Nagpur