Sponsored Candidates

Sponsored Candidates

Sponsored Candidates

Application Process for Sponsored Candidates

IIM Nagpur is one of the fastest growing IIMs with a tailor-made program for working professionals namely Executive MBA. This program has been designed to provide impetus for professional growth by preparing working professionals to leadership roles. The curriculum has been designed by benchmarking it with international business schools. The program aims at preparing future ready managers and leaders. With this motivation, IIM Nagpur invites Sponsoring organizations both from Public and Private sector, who would like to engage in Knowledge Partnership with IIM Nagpur and sponsor their employees to upskill in a weekend-based Executive MBA program[1]. Executive MBA is a two years part-time face-to-face program conducted in Main campus at MIHAN and Pune campus. This program will lead to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Based on current Knowledge Partnerships, there are few suggested types of sponsorships

  • Sponsors paying full fees for candidates selected in Executive MBA
  • Sponsors paying part fees and the remaining financed by the selected candidates through own resources.
  • Nomination of high performers with/without financial assistance.

For more details regarding the application process: Check this document

Executive MBA Admissions Policy: Main Campus, MIHAN and Pune Campus

For more information regarding the deadline, screening exam and other queries regarding nomination, kindly contact Admissions Department, IIM Nagpur (admission-associate@iimnagpur.ac.in) or 07122870323

[1] Few weekday evenings as per students and faculty convenience