Ph.D. Chairperson’s Message

Ph.D. Chairperson’s Message
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Ph.D. Chairperson’s Message

Prof. Satish Kumar Businesses, Governments, Non-profit organizations are increasingly relying upon knowledge for better growth, efficiency, and decisions. It provides opportunities and challenges to Academia as a creator and disseminator of new knowledge and to expand the research frontiers in Management. The Ph.D. Programme at IIM Nagpur aims to create socially conscious professionals who conduct contextually relevant and interdisciplinary research in management and strive to apply this research to address real life issues. The objective of the program is to create excellent academicians and researchers in the field of management.

The Ph.D. Program at IIM Nagpur involves rigorous coursework in all functional areas of management. These courses enable the participants to gain understanding in the functional areas of management. This is followed by advanced level courses in the area of specialization. The advanced doctoral courses equip the participants with learning from classical and contemporary literature in their area of specialization. During the coursework, participants are also trained to review literature, identify research topics, and use research methods for their dissertation. Through the dissertation, Ph.D. students are expected to demonstrate their independent research thinking through publications in reputed academic journals, presentations in academic conferences, and making contributions to business practice, public policy, and governance.

Participants will receive guidance and mentorship from IIM Nagpur’s world class faculties. Participants will have access to best-in-class research facilities via a wide range of academic journals, academic and business databases, and excellent library infrastructure. The institute also supports the participants and provides various grants for purchasing electronic devices, books, and software for supporting their research. Participants are provided financial and academic support to attend conferences in India and abroad for seeking feedback on their research work from research community.

I warmly welcome inquisitive and curious minds to consider joining our doctoral programme and be a part of IIM Nagpur community. We are certain that our Ph.D. programme will be a fulfilling step in your exciting journey of knowledge creation and successful academics career. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

Good Wishes.

Prof. Satish Kumar
Chairperson, Ph.D. , IIM Nagpur