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Leena Dixit

Nativ Chefs (WSP)

Startup: NATIV CHEFS, a technology platform for traditionally authentic cuisines that are not easily available in the market and are cooked/ catered by homemakers.

"I am thankful for all the support provided by IIM Nagpur for helping me work on my venture idea. Before joining IIMN, I was not confident on how this startup journey would be for me. Leaving my job was not an easy decision for me. However, the kind of mentoring and support I have got in this incubation is worth mentioning to all of you. Thanks once again. This is an amazing programme. I think I can be your brand ambassador for this program. I look forward to the same support in the coming months as well.”

Antaraa Vasudev


Startup: CIVIS, a one of its kind tool that lets citizens and Government communicate seamlessly. It enables people to understand the laws and legislation that affect them, while empowering citizens to share their feedback on these laws.

“I am especially grateful to IIM Nagpur for putting all their resources behind our success. From providing us with lessons on management to mentoring, investor connections, co-working space access and 24x7 guidance and support - they have gone above and beyond. There are few incubators and accelerators that would invest so much in their startups, as IIMN has in us.”

Shweta Kulkarni

AstroNspace (WSP)

Startup: AstroNspace, an online and on campus facility to learn astronomy at various levels in scientific temperament with a creative way.

“With the support of professors and mentors of IIM Nagpur, I have explored undiscovered areas of business of my own venture idea! All the support at the IIMN incubation has helped me push my boundaries and take a giant leap to make my dreams come true. It is an absolute honour that IIMN has provided me incubation under them.”

Priyanka Palshetkar

Almameal (WSP)

Startup: Almameal, envisions bridging the gap between quality, healthy food and affordability by bringing the idea of 'Ghar ka khana' for people who live away from home.

“There are many technicalities, which we are unaware of while starting something of our own like what form of company to register, the licenses, the legalities, etc. The incubation program at IIM Nagpur has been instrumental in helping AlmaMeal get past these. The mentors have been a good sounding board to give us confidence in what we are doing and asking us the right questions to give us an angle, which never occurred to us. This has been especially important.”

Krati Garg

FemArtha (WSP)

Startup: FemArtha, is about financial services for women with special focus on goal based planning.

“Incubation of FemArtha at IIM Nagpur has provided it the necessary nudge that is helping me to work it forward in a stepwise manner. Mentorships and regular reviews helps me in creating strategy, testing it, getting feedbacks and continuously refine it. The access to various networks has helped me to connect with industry experts. In addition to all this, IIM Nagpur has successfully created a cohesive group of highly motivated individuals that helps each of us to work harder and motivate others to do the same.”

Vidya R Nair

SVAभिमान (WSP)

Startup: SVABHIMAN, Clean Toilets provide premium pay and use sanitation facilities to Indian and foreign tourists.

“I am extremely grateful to IIM Nagpur for their tireless support and encouragement in my entrepreneurial journey. The inputs provided by the faculty and industry mentors have helped me approach my venture from a practical and very realistic standpoint. The efforts and dedication put in to engage with us on a weekly basis to discuss relevant issues forms the solid foundation from which I approach things with renewed clarity and focus. I am ever grateful to have an institution like IIM Nagpur backing my venture.”