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Admissions Policy
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Admissions Policy

This document describes the admission process, including the shortlisting and selection criteria, for overseas candidates for the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) 2021-23 batch at the Indian Institute of Management Nagpur (IIM Nagpur).
IIM Nagpur will have a separate process for evaluating applications from overseas candidates for admission to the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) batch of 2021-23. The GMAT code for Post Graduate Programme (PGP) at IIM Nagpur is 09J-X8-84.
The eligibility criteria and the admission process are explained in the following sections:


2.1. Admission Requirements
The overseas status of a candidate is determined based on his/her residency and not nationality. An overseas candidate is any Indian or foreign passport holder who is:

  • Working or studying or residing outside India with a valid passport or travel documents for at least 18 months in the preceding three years (1st January 2018 to 31st December 2020), AND
  • Not in a position to take the domestic entrance examination for admission to IIMs viz. the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2020 conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management.
  • In other words, any candidate, whether holding an Indian or Foreign passport, who is in India on the day CAT 2020 was conducted will NOT be eligible to apply under the Overseas candidate category. The CAT 2020 will be held on 29th November 2020.

2.2. Eligibility Criteria

  • Undergraduate degree or higher (in any discipline) with a minimum of three years’ duration from a university recognized as equivalent by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent GPA.
  • A valid Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) score, a minimum score of 600.

2.3. Entrance Test
The candidate should have a valid Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) score of at least 600.
(The candidate must have appeared for GMAT after 31st January 2016).

2.4. Admission Notice
The announcement of admission of overseas candidates to PGP 2021-23 will be prominently exhibited on the IIMN website, i.e.,

The overseas admission process at IIM Nagpur will be conducted in three stages and considers the candidate’s performance in Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT), Academic Performance (AP), Work Experience (WE), Diversity (DI), analytical writing assessment (AWA) and performance in Personal Interview (PI).

Stages in the process
Stages in the process

Criteria for eligibility to be considered for admission to PGP
Candidates who are eligible to apply to PGP 2021-23 at IIM Nagpur as per Sections 2.1-2.3 and are fulfilling the minimum cut-offs in the sectional percentile and total score in GMAT (Table 1) will only be considered for all subsequent stages.

Table 1. Minimum Cut-offs of GMAT Score

Verbal Percentile Quantitative Percentile Total Score
65 65 600

Calculation of CS and Selection for the Personal Interview (PI) Stage
In the second stage of the admission process, a candidate’s Comprehensive Score (CS) will be determined based on his/her performance in GMAT (GMAT), academic performance (AP), diversity (Di), and work experience (WE).

a. GMAT Score (GMAT) –The ratio of GMAT score obtained by the candidate to the total GMAT score (800) will be considered and rescaled between 0-10, where 10 is the maximum possible score (800).

GMAT Score= ((GMAT score obtained by the candidate)/Maximum GMAT score) *10

b. Academic Performance (AP) – Here, we evaluate the applicants’ academic performance (marks obtained) in the Bachelor’s Degree Examination. As identified in Stage 1, the eligible applicants will be assigned rating scores as AP (see Table 2) based on the percentage of marks obtained in their Bachelor’s degree examinations.

Table 2. Calculation of AP Score for the Candidate

Percent score in Bachelor’s Degree Rating Score AP
<=55 2
>55 and <=60 4
>60 and <=65 6
>65 and <=70 9
>70 10

c. Work Experience (WE) – The total number of months of work experience completed (as of 31st July 2020) will be considered to assign a WE score as per Table 3. Only full-time and paid experience after graduation will be considered. Part-time/Project/Internship/CA Articleship/Training/Apprenticeship/Pre-graduation work experience/ work experience, which involves payment as a stipend, will not be counted as work experience. For work experience in multiple organizations, all the durations (months and days) will be added to arrive at the total experience. For example, if the work experience is for 13 months and 20 days in the first organization and 5 months and 2 days in the second organization, it will be considered 18 months and 22 days. While adding up days, 30 days will be considered as one month. A valid proof of the date of appointment, date of relieving/ work experience certificate, and proof of payment/salary will have to be submitted at the time of registration for the program. Work-experience for an employment involving cash payment of salary will not be considered.

For candidates having work experience in a family business, valid proofs of existence of the business, association, and role of the individual in the business, and proof of payment during work experience will be required.

Table 3: Work Experience (WE): Rating Scheme

Experience (in months) Rating Score (WE)
x<6 0
6<=x<12 4
12<=x<18 8
18<=x<24 10
24<=x<30 6
30<=x<36 2
x>=36 0

d. Diversity (DI) – A diversity score out of 10 will be calculated for the candidate based on the candidate’s gender and the Bachelor’s degree. The gender diversity score of 5 points will be awarded based on the candidate’s gender (0 for male, 5 for female, and 5 for transgender candidates). The academic diversity score of points will be awarded for the candidate’s Bachelor’s degree in any of the following: BA, BA(H), B.Sc, B.Sc.(H), BS, B.Com, B.Com(H), BCA, BBA, B.Pharma, LL.B, MBBS, BDS or any other Non-Engineering subject areas at the Bachelor’s level not mentioned here.

At this stage, a comprehensive score (CS) based on the GMAT, AP, WE, and DI score will be calculated as follows:

CS=0.30 * (GMAT Score) + 0.35*(AP Score) + 0.20* (WE Score) + 0.15*(DI Score)

Based on the comprehensive score (CS), a shortlist will be prepared, and the shortlisted candidates will be receiving an email/communication from IIM Nagpur in January/February 2021. The candidates shortlisted in Stage 2 will move to the next stage of the Personal Interview (PI).

Final Selection of the Candidates

The candidates who have been shortlisted based on the Comprehensive Score and have appeared for the Personal Interview (PI) will be considered for the admission process’s final stage. After the PI, a Final Score (FS) will be calculated based on PI score, GMAT score, AP score, WE score, AWA score, and GDI score.

FS= 0.40* (PI Score) + 0.15* (GMAT Score) + 0.15 * (AP Score) + 0.15 * (WE Score) + 0.10(AWA Score/6*10)+0.05 * (GDI Score)

a. Personal Interview (PI) Score – The candidates’ performance in the personal interview will be considered towards calculating the Final Score (FS). The score will be rescaled between 0 to 10.

b. GMAT (GMAT) Score – As calculated during Stage 2 of the process, the candidate’s GMAT score will be used to calculate the Final Score (FS).

c. Academic Performance (AP) Score – Candidate’s Academic Performance (AP) score, as calculated during Stage 2 of the process, will be used towards calculating the Final Score (FS).

d. Work Experience (WE) Score – Candidate’s Work Experience (WE) score, as calculated during Stage 2 of the process, will be used towards calculating the Final Score (FS).

e. Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) Score – The GMAT exam consists of four sections: an analytical writing assessment, an integrated reasoning section, a quantitative aptitude section, and a verbal reasoning section. The analytical writing assessment is graded on a scale of 0 (minimum) to 6 (maximum) in half-point intervals. The AWA score of the candidates will be used while calculating FS after rescaling it between 0 to 10.

f. Gender Diversity (GDI) Score – A gender diversity score of 10 points will be awarded based on the candidate’s gender (0 for male, 10 for female, and 10 for transgender candidates).


4.1. How to Apply
Overseas candidates will have to apply online through the Institute website. The link will be updated in due course of time.

4.2 Documents to be Uploaded
As mentioned below, all related documents will have to be uploaded as per the instructions while filling in the online application form.

  • Copy of the latest GMAT score certificate (GMAT taken on or before 31st January 2016, is not valid)
  • Attested copy of all academic mark-sheets/certificates and Degree of Graduation
  • Copy of all the pages in the passport(s)

4.3 Application Fee
A non-refundable application fee of INR 7,350 will have to be paid at the time of submission of application. A payment link will be available in the portal. All the transfers have to be made using the link.

The selected candidates will receive provisional admission intimation from IIM Nagpur by email. The candidate has to pay an offer acceptance fee of INR.73,500 to confirm the offer’s acceptance. This amount will be subsequently adjusted in Term I fees.

Once a candidate pays the offer acceptance fee, the Admissions Office will then verify the documents of the candidate and confirm the same. In case of discrepancy and a subsequent change in CS and/or FS, the provisional offer made to the candidate will be withdrawn. The acceptance fee will be refunded to the candidate after deducting the administrative charges.

The withdrawal/cancellation of admission offer can happen in multiple ways:

(a) Before First-Term Registration:

  • Once the offer acceptance fee is received by the stipulated date (mentioned in the offer email), the provisional admission offer stands. If payment is not received by the specified date, the provisional admission will be cancelled.
  • If a candidate pays the offer acceptance fees but still wants to withdraw, he/she may do so by sending an email to the Admission Office by a stipulated date mentioned in the offer letter. We will then initiate a refund process. A refund of the money (after deducting an administrative charge of INR 7,350 or as per prevailing Government of India rules) will happen during July 2021.
  • The admission will stand cancelled if a candidate doesn’t register at IIM Nagpur on the mentioned registration date and time.
  • If a candidate pays the offer acceptance fees but fails to withdraw within a stipulated date or fails to register for the programme, the entire amount of the offer acceptance fees paid will be forfeited. No refund will be made in cases of withdrawal after the deadline for withdrawal is over.

(b) After Registration:

  • Fees will be collected at the beginning of each term. If a candidate withdraws from the programme after registration (in the middle of a term), he/she will forfeit all the fees paid till then, regardless of any number of days remaining in the term, and his/her admission shall stand cancelled.

(c) The admission of a candidate stands cancelled if he/she provides any false information during any step in the admissions process. No claim for refund of the fee paid till then will be entertained. This is applicable irrespective of the time of detection of the false information.