Office for Fund Initiatives

IIM Nagpur, established in 2015, has grown across academic verticals – strengthening its flagship MBA course, Executive Education courses, Executive MBA program, and Ph.D. program.
The Institute moved and settled into its permanent 132-acre campus, strategically located at ‘MIHAN,’ one of India’s largest economic development projects in Nagpur. It boasts of infrastructure at par with world-class academic institutes. Consequentially the Institute’s activities continue to expand in a multi-fold manner.
Considering its goals to progress quintessentially, IIM Nagpur needs to invest in capacity-building and growth activities to enhance its reputation as an academic institute focusing on impacting the practice of management. Besides, the Institute completely understands the need to live up to the expectations of the external ecosystem and contribute to its development.
While the Institute is ambitious in its goal to achieve and maintain world-class quality in academic endeavours, this requires continued support from its collaborators and partners. These partnerships will help IIM Nagpur to invest in

  • development of top-quality academic programmes
  • supporting research facilities
  • providing scholarships and awards to deserving students

IIM Nagpur solicits contributions from Corporates, Government entities, Foundations, Individuals, and Alumni to participate in the growth journey. The Office for Fund Initiatives manages all the aspects of Fundraising and donation processing for the Institute.

IIM Nagpur emphasizes ensuring that a deserving student gets an equal opportunity to quality education – financial constraints notwithstanding. Scholarships are Merit and Need based, Sectoral, Full or Partial tuition fee waivers.

Sponsoring Academic awards are a great way of recognizing students’ Scholastic and co-curricular achievements. Awards can be given for Overall Academic toppers, Best All-rounders, other activities, any other special area of interest.

By funding Professor of Practice, donors can convene the brightest minds to focus on particular problems or specific areas of study and spur advances in those areas.

A growing institution needs to continuously create and upgrade its infrastructure to supplement its capacity to match the evolution of the Institute’s activities. Support for planned infrastructure projects will go a long way in the growth of the Institute.

Research driven by the industry and government is a mutually enriching way to effectively influence management practice. CoEs conduct interdisciplinary work in identified areas and facilitate Research, Training, Projects, Advocacy for Policy interventions, and Dissemination of working outcomes for the benefit of the focus sector. Corporates and Foundations may support CoEs with a long-term vision of providing stimulus to the focus area. Labs are the experimental research centres that will generate practical outcomes for the sector.

Corporations, Foundations, Individuals, and Alumni can contribute to IIM Nagpur through Unrestricted giving. The Institute will utilize the funds in activities aligned with its Vision and Mission and per its priorities.

IIM Nagpur organizes a variety of events driven by Students & Faculty, like academic conferences, student events, Academia-Industry interactions, etc., which are very vibrant and well attended. Many of these are now an annual feature, and new events are being added to the Institute’s annual calendar. Sponsoring these events is an excellent way of branding and engaging with the target community.

The Institute is open to discussing areas of interest for the donors which align with the Institute’s activities.


IIM Nagpur recognizes its friends, patrons, and donors with appropriate recognition at various forums and through suitable avenues. The Office will discuss the details for each type of contribution and associated recognition with the donor.

Donations to IIM Nagpur qualify for tax exemptions and CSR benefits.

To support, contribute, and discuss in detail the opportunities for funding, please write to Or call
Aarti Pophali
Lead Officer
Office for Fund Initiatives
Ph.No. 0712-2870320 / +91-7030937782