PRODG, The Product Management SIG at IIM Nagpur is committed to empowering students to become impactful problem solvers by crafting innovative solutions through real-world experiences and collaborative learning. Dedicated to cultivating a vibrant and inclusive community of product management enthusiasts, we focus on assisting students in honing their interests in the field and its technical aspects through educational initiatives, networking opportunities, and skill development programs. We aspire to propel budding product management enthusiast to greater heights by equipping them with the necessary skills required for them to be industry-ready. The SIG currently has members from diverse backgrounds who aim to enhance the awareness about the Product Management domain and its career prospects by bridging the gap between industry and the academic world and serving as a conduit for knowledge exchange and professional development. The objective of this SIG:
  • Create and share relevant content on product management trends through active social media engagement.
  • Release compendiums and organize workshops for certifications aiding students in interview preparation.
  • Offer live-project opportunities for hands-on learning and job readiness in the product management domain.
  • Conduct competitions and events for students to showcase their talent and participate in external product management competitions.
  • Organize interactive sessions with industry leaders to provide insights into job profiles, technical tools, and the latest requirements for success in product management.
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“Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world”.

Veda, the Readers’ s SIG of IIM Nagpur, is committed to fostering a culture of reading and promoting literary activities among students. Our mission is to instil a lifelong passion for books in future managers by empowering them with critical thinking skills and nurturing their intellectual curiosity.

As part of our unwavering commitment, we invite distinguished industry leaders who share our passion for reading and have authored books to join us for enlightening guest sessions. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity for students to interact with some of the most accomplished minds in the business world and gain insights into their experiences and perspectives. We also organize a diverse range of literary events, such as interactive games, workshops, and reading challenges that cater to different interests and skill levels. These events are designed to encourage students to explore diverse genres, develop their literary skills and foster a love for reading.

Whether you are a seasoned bibliophile or just starting your reading journey, Veda has something for everyone. Join us and discover the joy of reading, the power of ideas, and the limitless possibilities of the human mind. Email:

Athena - The Economics and Public Policy SIG aims to facilitate learning economics and public policy for future managers, business owners, policymakers from IIM Nagpur. The club envisions to kindle the student community interest around the domain and help widen their perspective across various issues that impact businesses, households, and society. The interpretation of various global happenings and understanding the cause-effect relationships in the economy is crucial for future leaders. Hence, our SIG is positioned to provide an opportunity to augment managerial decision-making with an interdisciplinary approach.
The SIG has the following objectives:
  • To create an atmosphere of the highest quality research and publications in Economics, public policy, and allied domains.
  • To encourage the students to view day-to-day managerial activity through the lens of economics and public policy.
  • To ignite students’ interest in decluttering the dependence of strategic business decisions on economics and policy dynamics.
  • To facilitate interested students in getting a head start in domains like managerial economics, policymaking, governance consulting, and associated fields through internships and live projects.
The SIG was inaugurated by Dr. KV Subramanian (the Chief Economic Advisor, Government of India) on 2nd August 2021.
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Swaviskaar: The Arts SIG of IIM Nagpur came into existence in 2019 to facilitate the exchange of ideas for those connected with or interested in any form of Art. The SIG has organized several initiatives to promote various art forms, such as "Artist of the week", ‘Iktara - Open Mic for the spoken word’, ‘Prabodhan’, and more. We invite famous artists across the country to perform live on our platform. We conduct many competitions, and students from different B-schools and technical institutes have shown a keen interest.

Official Team of IIM Nagpur (Dance, Singing, Drama, Photography) The official Dance team, Singing team, Drama team and Photography team of IIM Nagpur have been formed & operated by Swaviskaar to nurture the talent in these specific fields and give these students platforms to showcase their talent. They are also giving IIM Nagpur fraternity a team to rely upon when performing a particular artform in any event.

Dance and Singing Team
  • The team represents IIM Nagpur in competitions and external events.
  • The team performs in internal college events like fests and conclaves, including celebrations like Independence Day, Teachers’ Day, Republic Day, etc.
Drama Team
  • The team will regularly perform plays, Nukkad Nataks, on various contemporary issues.
  • The team will represent the college in competitions and participate in college events.
Photography Team
  • The team will indulge in campus photography and improve their photography skills
  • The team will represent IIM Nagpur in external competitions
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