Executive Education Chairperson’s Message

Executive Education Chairperson’s Message
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Executive Education Chairperson’s Message



At IIM Nagpur, extensive engagement with corporate, public sector and government organizations is viewed as an extremely important, mutually beneficial activity. The executive education programmes of IIM Nagpur provide us with our strongest connect with the industry. These programmes are aimed at helping working professionals and managers improve their capabilities and gain latest knowledge and skills to succeed in their current roles and help them take up greater responsibilities and leadership positions.

We draw on a set of extremely talented and motivated faculty members who bring in vast industry experience as well as strong academic credentials. This unique mix enables for high impact learning in our executive education programmes. The faculty members utilize a wide variety of pedagogies to maximize participants’ learning from the programmes.

Case discussions, role plays, simulations, in-class activities, group projects, outdoor activities, individual reflection sessions, group discussions are among the host of pedagogical approaches suitably chosen and applied by IIM Nagpur faculty members to ensure that participants take away concepts that can be applied directly and immediately to their work contexts.

Each executive education programme of IIM Nagpur is planned with great precision. Programmes are customized based on the class composition, with special focus being on ensuring a cross-functional mix of management topics that help participants integrate a wide diversity of concepts.

At IIM Nagpur, we have designed a set of open enrolment programmes which invite participation from members of a wide set of organizations. Apart from this, we design and execute specific and customized program for individual organizations, based on their specific needs. Our executive education programs include those that are focused on providing general management related learning as well as others that are focused on in-depth learning in particular functional areas of management.

While at present our open-enrolment programmes are conducted in Nagpur, we are soon planning to expand this offering to other cities as well. The customized programmes can be conducted at any location in the country or overseas, based on the requirements of the client.

Prof. Mukund Vyas
Dean Executive Education Programmes, IIM Nagpur