About InFED

About InFED

About InFED

InFED (IIMN Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development) works as an incubator, and a center for entrepreneurial research and education. Parented by IIM Nagpur through its Center for Entrepreneurship, InFED works with important stakeholders in India and abroad to create an enabling ecosystem for entrepreneurs and associated stakeholders. InFED works as a bridge between entrepreneurs, academia, researchers, knowledge partners, domain experts, industrialists, venture capitalists, and the government.

InFED’s broad objectives are:

  • Mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs by hand-holding, and supporting their incorporation and subsequent operations through INCUBATION
  • Providing all kinds of necessary techno-business support that go into day-to-day functioning of incubates through facilitative SERVICES
  • Strengthening and empowering the start-up ecosystem by creating and disseminating entrepreneurial knowledge through RESEARCH and various EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES.

Currently, InFED, offers customized programmes spanning three broad domains of stakeholders:

(a) In-house students who opt for entrepreneurship,
(b) SMEs, family businesses
(c) Budding entrepreneurs needing incubation and/or techno-business support. InFED also conducts programmes and activities in order to create entrepreneurial mind-set among relevant stakeholders to enable entrepreneurial success.

InFED has three broad set of programmes – incubation, services, and research and education.

As part of our incubation programme, we intend to provide all support to potential entrepreneurs from ideation stage to commercialization stage. The Women Startup Programme (WSP) 2018 is a step in this direction. In near future, we are going to scale up our incubation activities, going beyond WSP.

As part of our services, we have different short term as well as long-term programmes for training, capability building for existing entrepreneurs and family businesses. We at InFED also provide platform for idea exchange, mutual support, networking, and business problem solving for existing as well as budding entrepreneurs and supporting stakeholders.

Our educational programmes largely focus on entrepreneurial knowledge creation and dissemination. Currently, we are in process of strengthening our Entrepreneurship Facilitative Activities (EFA) for PGP students of IIM Nagpur.

In addition, we encourage original research, case writing, consulting, and teaching to contribute intellectually and to enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To know more about short-term programmes, as well as for training and consulting programmes for family businesses and entrepreneurs please write to infed@iimnagpur.ac.in.

As a part of its efforts to become a leading center for entrepreneurial studies and start-up incubation center in India, InFED has started incubating 10 women entrepreneurs under the Women Startup Programme (WSP). WSP is being conducted in collaboration with NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. The women entrepreneurs, currently being incubated by IIM Nagpur, are working in different sectors such as adventure sports, astronomy education, textile design, customized pet foods, food search & discovery service, finance, health & sanitation, and civic society. The women entrepreneurs are being provided with a monthly stipend of INR 30,000/-, as well as working spaces in Nagpur, Mumbai, and Pune. InFED also intends to provide the women entrepreneurs with a prototyping grant based on their requirements in future.

The WSP consists of four stages:

Stage One

Potential women entrepreneurs are invited through an open advertisement to enroll for a course called ‘Do Your Own Venture’. This is a ‘massive open online course’ (MOOC) customized especially for women entrepreneurs addressing the challenges faced by them. In 2018, the course began on 22nd January 2018 and concluded on 3rd March 2018 (six weeks duration).

Stage Two

A limited number of participants from stage one are then invited to join a boot camp that provides the entrepreneurs with the essential know-how to start their venture. In 2018, a boot camp for 30 participants was held at IIM Nagpur campus from 2nd to 7th April, where the participants went through sessions broadly covering legal aspects of firm and compliance, design thinking, startup ecosystem enablers, customer validation, branding, and evolution of organizations. The participants pitched their idea to a panel of judges who selected 10 women entrepreneurs for incubation.

Stage Three

These shortlisted women entrepreneurs attended a second boot camp at our partner’s location at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore from 30th April 2018 to 10th May 2018 along with 90 other women-entrepreneurs from across India. They were given customized training, consulting, and access to an entrepreneurial network.

Stage Four

The 10 women entrepreneurs are now being provided mentoring and incubation facility by InFED for 12 months starting from June 2018. During the incubation, industry experts, domain specialists, and faculty members of IIM Nagpur are mentoring the 10 women entrepreneurs. Their progress, as well as mentoring needs, are being periodically reviewed.

InFED is providing physical and virtual infrastructure to these entrepreneurs. Also, best in class infrastructure for 5 incubates in Mumbai, 2 incubates in Pune, and 3 incubates in Nagpur is being provided. All the 10 incubates are receiving mentoring, legal advice, technical advice, financial help, and other services in order to make their start-up successful.