Faculty News

Faculty News
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Prof Vidhula Venugopal co-authored a journal article on 'How do women entrepreneurs strategize growth? An investigation using the social feminist theory lens with Dr Afreen Huq and Dr Caroline Swee Lin Tan of RMIT University, Australia. The article was published in the Journal of Small Business...Read More
Prof Kinshuk Saurabh co-authored a journal article titled 'Evolution of studies in construction productivity: A systematic literature review (2006–2017)' with Saurav Dixit, Satya N. Mandala and Joseph V. Thanikal. The article, published in the Ain Shams Engineering Journal, attempts to summarize the evolution of research in Construction...Read More
Profs Atul Arun Pathak and Saroj Kumar Pani co-authored a case on 'CampusHash: Evolving Business Model of an Entrepreneurial Venture' with Anish Agarwal, which was published by Ivey Publishing. The case specifically explores the concept of “pivot” during the early stage of a start-up’s...Read More
Prof Rahul Sett authored a journal article titled 'Inflexible Microcredit Contracts and Their Discontents: A Theoretical Perspective Based on Consumer Psychology', which was published in the IIMB Management Review. The paper higlights ways in which flexible or investment specific loans can help in attaining economic welfare of...Read More
Prof Kapil Kaushik co-authored a journal article titled 'Evaluating Service Quality in Automobile Maintenance and Repair Industry' with Prof Nikunj Kumar Jain of IMT Ghaziabad and Prof Alok Kumar Singh of IMI New Delhi. The article, published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, assesses...Read More
Atul Arun Pathak co-authored a paper on 'Strategizing in small informal retailers in India: Home delivery as a strategic practice' with Prof George Kandathil of IIM Ahmedabad. Published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Management, the paper explores kiranas’ distinct strategic practices that give them competitive advantage...Read More
Saroj Kumar Pani co-authored a journal article on 'The effects of economic and political events on the movements of BSE Sensex: A study of outliers from 1991 to 2014', with Rishabh Bhat and Gaurav Himatsingka, which was published in Finance India. The article provides important insights to...Read More
Prof. Avina Mendonca. contributed a chapter on 'Beauty service workers’ encounters with abusive customers: Furthering the concept of external bullying' to the book 'Indian Perspectives on Workplace Bullying', also acting as co-editor for the book with Profs Premilla D'Cruz, Ernesto Noronha, and Nidhi Mishra. The book emphasizes...Read More
Prof Kapil Kaushik co-authored a journal article titled 'Antecedents and outcomes of information privacy concerns: Role of subjective norm and social presence' with Profs Nikunj Kumar Jain and Alok Kumar Singh. Published in Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, the study analyzes the impact of a disposition toward...Read More
Prof Prakash Awasthy co-authored an article titled 'What does “green quality” really mean?' with Prof SK Gouda. The article, published in the TQM Journal, proposes various dimensions of green quality and develop three propositions around these dimensions.Read More