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Avina Mendonca
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Avina Mendonca
Avina Mendonca
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Organisational behaviour and human resources management Faculty
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Avina Mendonca is a faculty at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Nagpur in Organizational Behaviour area. She is a fellow from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA). She is a recipient of UGC-JRF award. Avina’s current research focuses on understanding employees’ experiences of undertaking a stigmatized occupation, workplace bullying and gendered implications of flexible work arrangements.

Internship opportunities: Currently open for applicants who are interested in gender studies and related aspects. Applicants pursuing/completed Master's in Sociology/Economics/Gender Studies/Psychology/Management/Development and Labour Studies will be preferred. Applications can be sent to avinam@iimnagpur.ac.in

Research Interest:

Bodywork, Customer Abuse, Dirty Work, Identity, Resistance, Service Work, Teams/Groups, Workplace Bullying

Journal Articles:

  • Saravana Jaikumar and Avina Mendonca (2017). Groups and teams: A review of bad apple behavior. Team Performance Management: An International Journal, 23(5), 243-259.

Book Chapters:

  • Avina Mendonca and Premilla D’Cruz (2018). Workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment in the context of dirty work. In P. D’Cruz, E. Noronha, L. Keashly, & S. Tye-Williams (Eds.), Handbooks of workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment: Special topics and particular occupations, professions and sectors. Singapore: Springer.
  • Avina Mendonca, Premilla D’Cruz and Ernesto Noronha (2018). Beauty service workers’ encounters with abusive customers: Furthering the concept of external bullying. In P. D’Cruz, E. Noronha, A. Mendonca, & N. Mishra (Eds.), Indian perspectives on workplace bullying: A decade of insights. Singapore: Springer
  • Avina Mendonca, Nidhi Mishra and Sanket Dash (2015). Understanding flow among academicians. In N. M. Ashkanasy, W. J. Zerbe, & C. E. J. Härtel (Eds.), New ways of studying emotions in organizations (pp. 397-421). UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Edited Book:

  • Premilla D’Cruz, Ernesto Noronha, Avina Mendonca and Nidhi Mishra (Eds.). (2018). Indian perspectives on workplace bullying: A decade of insights. Singapore: Springer

Conference Presentations:

International Conferences:

  • Avina Mendonca, Premilla D’Cruz and Ernesto Noronha (2018). Rewriting the power dynamics of external bullying at work: The occupational dialectics of dirty work. Presented at 11th International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment, 5-8 June 2018, Bordeaux, France.
  • Avina Mendonca (2015). Employee resistance in knowledge intensive organizations: A conceptual framework. Presented at Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 7-11 August 2015, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Avina Mendonca (2015). Resistance to surveillance in KIO: A conceptual framework. Accepted for presentation at Twelfth AIMS International Conference on Management, 2-5 January 2015, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, Kerala, India.

National Conferences:

  • Avina Mendonca (2012). Group dynamics: Effects on self-help groups. Presented at National Conference on Rural Transformation and Developmental Perspective: Managerial Challenges, 21-22 January 2012, Manipal Institute of Management, Manipal.


  • Avina Mendonca and Premilla D’Cruz (2017). Customer abuse in the beauty industry. Presented at Seminar on Indian Perspective on Workplace Bullying and Mobbing, 13th June 2017, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

Individual and group processes at work, Design thinking and creativity, Power and Persuasion

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