/Student Activities/Testimonials


Prof. Satish Devodhar

Faculty, IIMA

The graduating class of IIMN 2016-18 is well trained in all functional areas of management. I had the privilege of offering sessions on Indian Economy, growth, and microeconomics. I found the students very inquisitive, energetic, and well-poised to take managerial responsibilities in the corporate, governmental, and NGO sectors.

Prof. Prantosh Banerjee

Alumni, IIMA

It has been a privilege for me to teach the 2016-18 batch at IIM Nagpur. The students have shown strong academic motivation and an approach to internalize rigorous class readings and discussion, reflect on them and apply them to case situations, especially in the Marketing Area. They have displayed the ability to use Research tools effectively for managerial decision-making. To add to this, their learning and work attitudes should enable them to be excellent team players and contribute strongly to organizations. I am confident that they would be assets to their respective work organizations and I wish them the very best in their professional lives!

Prof. Sanjeev Tripathi

Faculty, IIM Indore

I have had the pleasure to teach three courses in the first year (PGP-1) to the IIM Nagpur 2016-18 batch. It was wonderful experience, I found the participants to be sincere, hardworking and excited by emerging opportunities. I know that each one of them is competent to take on new challenges. I wish the batch success in all their learning and placement endeavours.

Prof. Apratim Guha

Faculty, IIMA

It was a unique experience to teach the second PGP batch of IIM Nagpur. There was the feeling of being part of something special. The level of enthusiasm was impossible to miss. I am sure that the students, with their hard work, determination and enthusiasm, will all do very well. Best of luck with the placements.