Vihaan – Leadership Seminar 11: Mr Vinay Trivedi (ToneTag), Ms Shruti Mishra (Puma), Captain Akhilesh Saxena (Tata Communications)

Leadership Seminar 11-Web
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Vihaan – Leadership Seminar 11: Mr Vinay Trivedi (ToneTag), Ms Shruti Mishra (Puma), Captain Akhilesh Saxena (Tata Communications)May 9, 2020

Leadership Seminar 11-Web

IIM Nagpur was delighted to host Mr. Vinay Trivedi – Head HR, ToneTag for our flagship webinar series – Vihaan. The theme for the discussion was “What not to do in the current times to stay focused! Simple but unconventional tips for students”.
In his session, Mr. Trivedi emphasized on resource optimization and realizing how uncertainty is certain hence we need to be resilient in ambiguity and look for opportunities for growth. Different from conventional webinars, Mr. Trivedi interacted with students through tasks and activities and built the concepts around these. He explained why the students shouldn’t clutter their minds with a lot of news, irrelevant learning activities or any other actions due to peer pressure. He advised the students not to juggle between multiple activities. Instead, they should attain depth in what they enjoy.
Mr. Trivedi’s vast experience of human resource management coupled with his storytelling ability led to a truly fun-filled, yet knowledgeable discussion.
The next session was conducted by Ms. Shruti Mishra – Lead, People & Organization PUMA Retail. The theme for the discussion was “Role of HR as a strategic partner in crisis management like COVID-19.”
Ms. Mishra gave an overview of the retail sector in the post-COVID situation and the change in consumer behavior that retailers should brace themselves for. She also spoke of a different working model of employees and the shift towards digital workspaces. She emphasized the need for a more democratic approach towards work and family and the changing role of employees in this scenario. She also educated the students on various means of digital engagement practices at PUMA, which are being organized to engage employees.

For the last session, the Institute was delighted to host Captain Akhilesh Saxena – Kargil War Veteran & VP, Tata Communications. The theme for this session was “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”
Captain Saxena talked about how in these tough times, having a positive mindset and resilient attitude would become our most powerful ammunition. He also discussed how to have a life continuity planning and to have a contingency plan for all the scenarios. According to him, a leader is someone whose actions inspire others to dream and learn more. He advised the students to build a vision for the future by upskilling oneself so that they can adapt to changing business models. He also said that adversity develops mental strength and flexibility in us. The Kargil war story by the war hero himself was one of the highlights of this insightful session.
The set of sessions provided multifaceted learnings to the attendees, thanks to the diverse expertise of the speakers. Our gratitude to them for their sharing their valuable time and insights with us.