Vihaan – Leadership Webinar 12: Mr Guhan Ramanan (Neeyamo), Mr Nitin Jain (OfBusiness), Mr Raaj Bajaj (FabGetaways)

Leadership Seminar 10-Web
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Vihaan – Leadership Webinar 12: Mr Guhan Ramanan (Neeyamo), Mr Nitin Jain (OfBusiness), Mr Raaj Bajaj (FabGetaways)May 10, 2020

Leadership Seminar 10-Web

IIM Nagpur was delighted to host Mr. Guhan Ramanan, President People Success, Neeyamo, for our flagship webinar series – Vihaan. The theme for the discussion was ” Leading Through COVID-19: How Your Business can respond”.
Mr. Guhan started the session with some real-life lessons about recession and how it is almost impossible to avoid it. He stressed on how the recession is part of the cycle, but what really matters is how you look at it and come out of it. He shared how Neeyamo is dealing with changing times and trying to find a light at the end of the tunnel. The session gave students a reality check on setting goals and how success path might not be straight. In these testing times, just like a race car approaching a curve, we can either brake or drift along the curve. He also narrated a story of how finding an elephant in a city like Mumbai gave him valuable business as well as life learnings.

The next session was conducted by Mr. Nitin Jain – Co-Founder, OfBusiness. The theme of his speech was “Coping up with COVID-19: Start-up Perspective”.
The session started with an interesting exercise about the various perspectives about the current crisis. He then touched upon how OfBusiness is doing currently and stressed on the importance of long term thinking and communication. He also highlighted some of the key trends going forward in the start-up ecosystem, and the unique business model and DNA of the company.

The third webinar for the day was conducted by Mr. Raaj Bajaj, CEO Founder and CEO of FABgetaways.
The topics for the discussion were “Starting-up through a founder’s lens” and “COVID-19: How businesses need to respond”.
Mr. Bajaj started the session with an insightful discussion on the four steps a startup goes through in the preliminary stage. He stressed the fact that as a founder, one needs to be always on his/her toes, lead by example, be transparent and always be prepared to tackle the bad days of the journey. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has disrupted the entire business world, Mr Bajaj described how FABgetaways and other startups are tackling the current situation in terms of helping the employees through flexible work hours or keeping on hold some of the projects. He ended the session by suggesting some of the future trends of the travel and hospitality industry like self-drive holidays or solo travels that may come up.
The sessions have been very helpful to the future managers and founders, considering the uncertainty the world is currently going through. The Institute is grateful to Mr Ramanan, Mr Jain and Mr Bajaj for their valuable time and insights.