Predixion presents Cryptex 2.0

Crpytex 2-0

Predixion presents Cryptex 2.0

Nov 12, 2020

09:00 PM


Predixion The Analytics Club

Crpytex 2-0

Date: Nov 12, 9 PM

“Information is the oil of the 21st century and analytics is the combustion engine”

This Diwali, let data enlighten your decision-making strategies. Fortify your strategies with the power of analytics.

Here’s a chance to hone your analytical skills and test your ability to uncover relevant insights from data!

Predixion is glad to present Cryptex 2.0 – The Analytics Marathon!

Mr. Baran Bohar of Burma Productions is waiting for you to solve his movie production conundrum.

Event Details:

  • Round 1: Analytics Quiz
  • Round 2: Bonus Round
  • Round 3: Case Study Round

Note: All the rounds have weightage for the overall evaluation

Team size: 4-5 Members

Teams with P1 & P2 combination will be getting extra points

Prize Money: 8000 INR

Last date to register: 11th November 2020

Registration link: