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Economics Faculty MS (UMD), PhD (IIM Bangalore)
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Prof. Ankita Dash is a faculty member in the Economics and Social Sciences Area at IIM Nagpur. Prof. Dash has completed Ph.D. in Management - Economics and Social Sciences from IIM Bangalore. She also has an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Maryland, College Park (USA). Prior to obtaining her doctoral degree, she was associated with Infosys Ltd. as Software Engineer. Her teaching interests include Managerial Economics and Macroeconomics, Industrial Organization, International Trade, International Economics, and Trade and Development. Her research interests include International Trade, International Macroeconomics, Networks, Development Economics, Economics of Sustainability and Development and Industrial Organization. Affiliated with the American Economic Association (AEA) and the Forum for Research in Empirical International Trade (FREIT), she also has a number of research publications to her credit.


  • Mukherjee, Deeparghya and Dash, Ankita (2023). "Can Increasing Global EV Adoption Threaten India’s Growing Auto GVC Exports?". Economic and Political Weekly. 2023. Vol. 58, Issue No. 41.
  • Dash, Ankita (2023). "Adapting to Electric Vehicles Value Chain In India: The MSME Perspective", Case Studies on Transport Policy. 2023, 12 (100996).
  • Dash, Ankita and Chanda, Rupa (2022). "Anatomizing India’s Presence in Automotive Global Value Chains," Foreign Trade Review. 2022;57(4):429-451.


Working Papers

  • Dash, Ankita and Bhattacharjee, Ayona (2024). India’s FTA with the EU: opportunities and challenges in the services sector. ARTNET UNESCAP Working Paper AWP 232. (
  • Dash, Ankita and Chanda, Rupa, Global Value Networks: Case Study of the Indian Auto Industry (2020). IIM Bangalore Research Paper No. 627.  (SSRN: or
  • “Role of “right” friends in GVC participation”, Forum for Research in Empirical Trade (F.R.E.I.T) Working Paper Series No. 1349 (
  • “India in Global Value Chains – Sectoral analysis of Automotives Sector in India”, CWS Working Paper Series No. 40, Joint collaboration of IIM Bangalore and Centre for WTO Studies, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi (
  • “India in Global Value Chains – Sectoral analysis of Electronics Sector in India”, CWS Working Paper Series No. 41, Joint collaboration of IIM Bangalore and Centre for WTO Studies, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi (

Newspaper Articles

  • Dash, Ankita; Bhattacharjee, Ayona and Chanda, Rupa (May 10, 2024).  A fillip to Indo-Europe trade: The India-EFTA agreement can significantly increase services exports to EU. Financial Express. (

Conference Proceedings

  • “Hybrid Geospatial Technology for Improving Crop Area Data Management in Developing Countries: A Case Study in India”, 2nd Annual Sustainability and Development Conference, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA(October 2019), Coauthors – Gopal Naik, VR Hegde
  • “Role of “right” friends in GVC participation: Evidence of the importance of network connections from Indian Automotive Sector”
  • Mid-West Economic Theory and International Trade Conference, Philadelphia, USA (May 2018)
  • 10th IIMB Management Review Doctoral Conference (IMRDC), IIM Bangalore (January 2019)
  • Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES) Conference, Bali, Indonesia (January 2019)
  • Network Science in Economics and Finance, IIM Ahmedabad (December 2018)
  • Pan IIT International Management Conference, IIT Roorkee (December 2018)
  • “Integration of Indian SMEs into Global Value Chains – Challenges and Opportunities”, 7th Global Economic Summit on GVCs - Accelerating SME Growth, Development and Sustainability, Mumbai (February 2018)
  • “Indian firms in Electronics Global Value Chains- What is holding them back?”, XII International Conference on Public Policy and Management, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (August 2017)
  • “To be or not to be” in Global Value Chains – Evidence from India’s Automobile Sector”, VGSOMManagement Doctoral Colloquium, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (February 2017)
  • “Employing Hybrid Geospatial Technology for Agricultural Inclusion in India", XI International Conference on Public Policy and Management, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (August 2016), Coauthor- Gopal Naik

CORE COURSES: Managerial Economics; Macroeconomics; Business, Government, and Society (BGS); Indian Economy

ELECTIVES: Economics of Strategy and Competition; Power of Networks; Game Theory for Strategic Advantage

Research Projects

  • NTT Japan

IIM Nagpur

  • Member, Indo Japan Research Institute (IJRC)
  • Member, Admissions Committee
  • Area Chair, Economics