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Magesh Nagarajan

Magesh Nagarajan
Magesh Nagarajan
Magesh Nagarajan
Area Academic Affiliation Qualification
Decision science and information systems Faculty PhD (Aston Business School), MS (Res.) (IIT Madras)
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Prof Magesh Nagarajan is a faculty member in the Decision Science and Information Systems Area at IIM Nagpur. Prior to joining IIMN, Prof Nagarajan has taught at Coventry University (UK) and Goa Institute of Management (India). He worked as a researcher in University of Southampton (UK) and United Nations University (Germany) applying simulation modelling and analytics in public sector problems. He has also worked with IBM Ltd., Bengaluru as an Applications Programmer. A member of the Operational Research Society of United Kingdom, Operational Research Society of India, International Association of Computer Science & Information Technology, and the Indian Society for Technical Education, Prof Nagarajan has to his credit an array of research papers and conference presentations. His interests lie in the area of Applied Operations Research, Big Data Analytics, Operations Management, Agent-based modelling, Simulation, Supply Chain Management, Data Science, and Quantitative Methods.

Ongoing Research

  • Applications of Simulation, agent-based modelling and Operations Research techniques in transport and energy sector.

Research Grants

  • Resilient Electric vehicle charging network infrastructure expansion: Mind the gap between capacity and charging need
    Funding body: EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account fund, University of Southampton, UK.
    Grant received: £11500. Co-Investigator: Dr Magesh Nagarajan (Coventry University)
  • Data to Disaster relief: Text data processing system for crowdsourced disaster information
    Funding body: Coventry University Summer Research Internship.
    Project lead: Dr Magesh Nagarajan (Coventry University).
    Duration: 2 months.

Journal articles

  • Nagarajan, M., and Shaw, D. (2021). "A behavioural simulation study of allocating evacuees to public emergency shelters". International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Vol 55, 2021,
  • Sikder, S.K., Nagarajan, M., Kar, S., and Koetter, T., (2018). "Cellular Automata-based Estimation of Energy Consumption Density: A case of Dhaka city", Urban Climate, Elsevier, 26(2018), 10-30. (SJR 1.236)
  • Manouseli, D., Anderson, B. and Nagarajan, M. (2018) "Estimating Scenarios for Domestic Water Demand under Drought Conditions in England and Wales”, Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, IWA publishing, 18(6): 2100-2107. (Impact factor 0.674)
  • Manouseli, D., Anderson, B. and Nagarajan, M. (2018) "Modelling domestic water demand during droughts in temperate climates: a review of evidence and a framework for future development”, Water Resources Management, Springer, 32(2), 433-447. (Impact Factor 2.871)
  • Nagarajan, M., Shaw, D., and Albores, P., (2012) “Disseminating a warning message to evacuate: A simulation study of the behaviour of neighbours”, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 220, pp. 810 – 819, (Impact factor 3.297).
  • Nagarajan, M., Shaw, D., and Albores, P., (2010) “Informal dissemination scenarios and the effectiveness of evacuation warning dissemination of households -- A Simulation study”, Procedia Engineering, Vol. 3, pp. 139-152, Elsevier Publications. (Cite Score 0.74)
  • Mohan S and Nagarajan, M. (2004) “Dependability of Irrigation and hydropower production during drought“, Journal of Indian Water Resources Society, IWRS, Vol. 24, no.3, July 2004, pp 01-11

Teaching case for Business School

  • Nagarajan, M., Balasubramanian, K., and Tamvada, J.P. (2018). “Ecotricity: An optimal investment decision for electric highway expansion”, Ivey publishing, Product Number: 9B18E006 (Category: Management Science).

Books and Research reports

  • Shaw, D., Albores, P., Anson, S., Kailiponi, P., Nagarajan, M., Tissington, P., and Hart, T., (2011), “Evacuation Responsiveness by Government Organisations (ERGO): Final Report”, submitted to European Commission, ISBN 978-1-85449-4863.
  • Shaw, D., Albores, P., Anson, S., Kailiponi, P., Nagarajan, M., and Tissington, P. (2011) “Evacuation Responsiveness by Government Organisations (ERGO): Evacuation preparedness assessment workbook”, submitted to European Commission, ISBN 978-1-85449-4917.

  • Operational Research
  • Business Analytics
  • Multi-criteria decision making
  • Simulation (Discrete Event Simulation, Agent-Based Modelling and Systems Dynamics)
  • Decision Support Systems

In Previous Institutions
UG final project supervision – BSc Business Information Technology, Computing
PG final project supervision – MSc Management Information Systems, MSc IT for Management

  • Involved in revision of State Disaster Management Plan (Goa)

Peer Reviewer For Journals

  • Operational Research – An International Journal (Springer)
  • Annals of Operations Research (Springer)
  • Simulation
  • International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier)
  • Journal of Advanced Management Research (Emerald)
  • Energy Policy (Elsevier)
  • Energies (MDPI)
  • Geosciences (MDPI)
  • Information (MDPI)