Are you finding it difficult to access/navigate through the content/pages of this website? This section attempts to help you have a pleasant experience while browsing this website. This website includes contents available in non-HTML format, and may not be visible, if browser does not have the required plug-ins.

Text Size

Changing the size of the text refers to making the text appearing smaller or bigger from its standard size. The website allows you to change the text size in two different ways, by clicking on the text size icons present at the top of each page, and through the Accessibility Options page.

Text size Icons

Following different options are provided in the form of icons which are available on the top of each page:-

  • – Decrease text size: Allows to decrease the text size to one level
  • A Normal text size: Allows to set default text size
  • + Increase text size: Allows to increase the text size to one level

Change Content Language

By clicking on this link, user will be able to see the contents in Hindi. In English – This link displays the contents in English

Link to download the hindi font Click Here

To download the javascript file Click Here to view the slider and animation properly.

Search Facility

Simple search will be available on home page from where user can search on basis of content and keyword available in documents/reports/picture/press release/news. Specific search is given on specific pages with the functionality of searching with Keywords, location, title, subject, Ministry etc.

Searching Tips

  • When searching, don’t enter plural forms such as “press releases” because the server will only find documents with releases (plural) in the title or keywords. If you enter release (singular), the server will list entries with both release and releases.
  • All searches are case-insensitive. That is, words are looked for regardless of capitalization.