E-Cell Successfully Conducts Entro-Mile ‘19

E-Cell Successfully Conducts Entro-Mile ‘19
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E-Cell Successfully Conducts Entro-Mile ‘19Feb 17, 2019

E-Cell Successfully Conducts Entro-Mile ‘19

Entro-Mile ’19, an initiative of E-Cell, IIM Nagpur curated a platform for collaboration between industry stalwarts, investors, aspiring entrepreneurs and academicians.

Entro-Mile ’19 kicked off its first session of entrepreneurial interaction between students and founders/co-founders of ventures in Nagpur, covering diverse sectors like finance, hospitality, energy, food tech and logistics. Broad outlay of their business models, fiscal structure and future growth plans were discussed. It was an absolute delight to host the enterprises Khichadiwala, Dhundoo.com, FinEffi Energy Solutions, Dobby-The-Chef, Nativ Chefs, Uniforma, CredBolt and Chaos Theory.

Session 2 of Entro-Mile ’19 concluded with twelve intense investment pitches by founders/co-founders. The panel included investors – Sathya Pramod, Vinod Keni, Shashikant Chaudhary and Sukriti Saroj – and mentors – Prashant Singh and Vinayak Kini – from leading firms.

Session 3 focused on the journey and learnings of the panel throughout their multiple entrepreneurial stints. Key insights from speakers focused on innovation, teams making businesses successful, focus on idea execution and impact of bootstrapping on angel investment. The panel also conducted a discussion on ‘Plan for growth and scalability of ventures’.