Kutumbh 2.0 Unveils a Tapestry of Alumni Bonds at IIM Nagpur

Kutumbh 2.0 Unveils a Tapestry of Alumni Bonds at IIM Nagpur
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Kutumbh 2.0 Unveils a Tapestry of Alumni Bonds at IIM NagpurJan 22, 2024

Nagpur, January 22, 2024 | The resplendent grounds of the Indian Institute of Management Nagpur (IIM Nagpur) witnessed a heartwarming spectacle as alumni from various batches converged for the annual alumni meet, Kutumbh 2.0, held on January 20 & 21, 2024.

The event commenced with a symbolic lamp-lighting ceremony, capturing the essence of shared memories and the spirit of togetherness. Dr. Bhimraya Metri, the Director of IIM Nagpur, set the tone with a compelling address, joined by esteemed guests Prof. Prashant Gupta (Dean, Faculty, Academics, and Alumni Affairs) and Prof. Mukund Vyas (Dean, Executive Education and its Alumni Affairs). Together, they emphasized the pivotal role played by alumni in upholding and advancing the institution’s legacy.

Day one witnessed dynamic interactions between current MBA students, defence personnel, and the alumni, creating a vibrant atmosphere of learning and networking. The ice-breaking session allowed the alumni to forge new connections while relishing moments with old friends. The day culminated in a mesmerizing Cultural Night, featuring an electrifying performance by the Arya Live band, which had attendees dancing and reminiscing about their college days.

Day two embraced a spirited display of sportsmanship with friendly matches between the alumni and the defence personnel across various sports. The campus transformed into a lively playground, resonating with the cheers of enthusiastic players and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

The closing ceremony, graced by Prof. Prashant Gupta, served as a poignant conclusion to the event. Discussions about future endeavours reinforced the enduring bond between the institute and its graduates. Souvenirs distributed became tangible symbols of shared experiences and the tight-knit community formed over the years. The Director’s High Tea marked the official end of Kutumbh 2.0, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all attendees. As alumni bid farewell, the echoes of laughter and shared memories lingered, underscoring the significance of events like Kutumbh in fostering a sense of community among IIM Nagpur’s graduates.

Kutumbh 2.0 showcased not just a reunion, but a celebration of the enduring spirit of IIM Nagpur’s alumni, weaving a tapestry of bonds that transcend time and distance.