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ENTRO-MILE Discover The Embedded Milestone

Feb 17, 2019

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

IIM Nagpur



Entro-Mile aims to create opportunities, promote innovation and cultivate the spirit of knowledge sharing among students and our associated partners. IIM Nagpur aims to build upon these values by leveraging the support of our partners.

Agenda for the Entro-Mile

Entro-Mile, first mass-scale Entrepreneurship Conclave aims to collaborate with investors, aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders to uncover the aspects of an entrepreneurial journey.

1. Interaction with the students: Apprise students of the challenges with respect to finances, people, market & product; strategies for building short term and long term goals for a venture. Founders are encouraged to enhance student engagements by offering live projects, internship opportunities and conducting idea generation or design thinking competitions in collaboration with IIM Nagpur.

2. Interaction with investors/speakers: 15-minute one-on-one interaction sessions with angel investors and guest speakers

  • Assessment and startup evaluation; key parameters for startups to focus and build upon
  • Networking opportunities

3. Speeches (8 min each) followed by panel discussion:

Guest speakers and investors can talk about their experience and learnings.

Panel discussion comprising of speakers and investors. Duration of panel discussion shall be 1 hour including Q&A by the students & entrepreneurs.

Following shall be the topic of panel discussion

  • Profitability, sustainability and flexibility of business model
  • Angel tax and funding strategy with regard to the present government policies
  • Growth and scaling up strategy

Details of this event will be available on Media Room Click Here