Guest Session By Dr. Mangesh Gharote

Mangesh Gharote
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Guest Session By Dr. Mangesh Gharote

Nov 18, 2018

04:30 AM - 06:30 AM


Opex The Operation Club

Mangesh Gharote

Brief Outline of the Session:

  • Discussion on four case studies (projects)
  • Address resource allocation problems, varied across different domains
  • Map all the case studies to the standard OR problems
  • Discussion on nuances in industrial projects
  • Discussion on challenges faced as an OR consultant
  • Discussion on one project (workforce allocation) in detail

Dr. Mangesh Gharote is working as a research Scientist with TCS Research & Innovation Lab, Pune. He has been with TCS research for more than 15 years. Contributed to many customer projects, acted as an Operations Research consultant and created intellectual property, that has assisted company in winning projects. His optimization decision support tools have assisted managers in efficient resource allocation and planning. He has done his Ph.D. in Operations Management in 2016 from SJM School of Management, IIT Bombay. Has double master’s degree, one from VNIT and other from IIT Bombay, in Industrial Engg. & Operations Research. His schooling and graduation has been from Nagpur. He has published papers in refereed journals and presented papers in several international conferences. Currently, leading Infonomy research group and looking into optimization problems in Cybersecurity and Privacy area.