Insightful interaction with Dr Mukund Rajan, Author, ‘The Brand Custodian’

Insightful interaction with Dr Mukund Rajan, Author, ‘The Brand Custodian’
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Insightful interaction with Dr Mukund Rajan, Author, ‘The Brand Custodian’

Oct 26, 2021

05:00 PM - 06:00 PM


About the Author:

Dr. Mukund Rajan is the Chairman of E Cube Investment Advisors, a graduate from IIT Delhi, and a former Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. He completed a Master’s and Doctorate in International Relations. He has held several senior executive positions through his 23-year career with the TATA group, which includes: the first Brand Custodian of the Tata group, Chief Ethics Officer of the TATA group, Chair of the TATA Global Sustainability Council, Member of the Group Executive Council at TATA Sons Limited and several others. Dr. Rajan serves as the Chairperson of the Environment Committee of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). In 2007, the World Economic Forum honored Dr. Rajan as a Young Global Leader. His book, ‘The Brand Custodian,’ was published by HarperCollins in 2019.

About the book:

The book is a brilliant attempt by Dr. Mukund Rajan, to sum up two decades of his service with the TATA group, which he joined immediately after completing his DPhil degree as Ratan Tata’s executive assistant. Over the next twenty-three years, as he worked closely with Ratan Tata, he got an inside view of the ups and downs, the controversies and achievements of the TATA group. In this book, he talks of what went on during those turbulent times and how the Tatas pulled through each of those situations. Along with that, this book offers a close portrait of the enigmatic Ratan Tata from his longest-serving executive assistant. The Brand Custodian is a study of the TATA group’s evolution and explains the relevance of the conglomerate to the world.