Guest Session by Mr. Ahmed Rahimtoola

Mr. Ahmed Rahimtoola
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Guest Session by Mr. Ahmed RahimtoolaOct 5, 2019

Mr. Ahmed Rahimtoola

Mr. Ahmed Rahimtoola, Head of Marketing – Allied Blenders and Distillers, delivered an informative and insightful session on “Understanding the Business Models in Alco-Beverage Industry – Rejuvenating Officer’s Choice”.

The session was interactive and Mr. Rahimtoola gave insights into the IMFL industry in India, the challenges faced in the alco-beverage industry and how he leveraged social media and viral content to emotionally connect with their target audience. He also illustrated how their strategy evolved based on their target audience, profitability, and the changing trends in the industry. Mr. Rahimtoola demonstrated the importance of emotional appeal with the audience and the society in the success of a brand. We are grateful to Mr Rahimtoola for offering students a comprehensive understanding of the real-world applications of marketing and advertising strategies.